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As part of our ongoing mandate to not only preserve our heritage and history but also to make it accessible to the public we have created this online research portal. Below you will find a wealth of information on the history of Puslinch categorized for easy search. Simply choose a topic below to begin your search.

Rural townships were divided into school sections when public education first began in the mid-nineteenth century. Each area soon became a community of its own and people in Puslinch would say, for example, “We’re from Badenoch.” Immediately other residents would know that they lived in southeast Puslinch. The school sections in the Township were numbered S.S. 1 to 12.

In 2015 the Puslinch Historical Society offered public viewings of their compilation, The Communities in Puslinch. This was presented over 3 evenings, with four of the twelve school districts offered each night.

There have been many requests to see this presentation by people who were unable to attend, so it was decided to post the document on our website. Since the files are mostly pictures – making them large files to download and view – the complete file has been divided into four parts.

Concession 1, Rear,
Part 2

Lot 1

A 1856 letter indicates William Casemore was the occupier of the north half of lot 1.

The 1851 census indicates William Casemore Labourer from England age 85, his wife Elizabeth age 94, their son William Farmer from US age 44, with his wife Beatrice from England age 42.

James Dickie owned this small lot 1867 resident; Wm Cope's name also 1858-1885 Mrs. E. Dickie and W.S. Dickie there.

There may have been a second house on this lot, occupied by Capt John McMillan who had previously farmed in Beverly since 1837. His son Donald (Dan) m Eva Hogg of R1 lots 18-20 Mrs. John or S.E. (Hannah) Tovell’s obit indicates she lived at Riverhurst Sask and was born in Puslinch. One daughter was Mrs. Milne Jamieson of Hespeler. Before going west the Tovells lived on the town line where Capt McMillan lived. Tovell children were Stanley, Ralph, Mrs. Barton and Laura, all in the west.

Lot 2 - 5

In 1843, Alex Parks came to live on a beautiful site on the north west band of Puslinch Lake. He afterwards built a hotel and dance hall, had pleasure boats for rent, and for many years this place, and the big island were the main picnic and pleasure grounds for people, young and old of the district. The land at that time between the two lakes was owned by Thomas Frame, who built a hotel at the east end of this place, on the shore of the lake. About 1845 he built a sailboat that would carry thirty passengers to and from the island. In 1879 the present hotel was built on the west end of the island and in 1880 a steamer that would carry 50 passengers was put into service.

The Parks family, from 1851 census:

Alexander Parks age 33, his wife Mary A age 25, and children Elizabeth age 9, Mary age 8, Hannah age 6, William age 3.

Mary-Anne c 1828-1908 m. Alex Parks Dec. 1842. They had six children, 4 married. I have a note that Mary Ann's nearest relatives lived in Blenheim Twp and she would sometimes visit there, taking her children on horseback, following the blazed trail through the woods. The Parks are buried in Hespeler Cemetery

1. J.W (Wm). Parks b c 1848
2. Mrs. Alfred Howitt d. c1892
3. Alexander
1. Isabel m.
3. Donald Parks
2. Ruth, Mrs. Harold Schultz, Preston Pharmacist
4. Mrs. John Blatchford
5. Mrs Hannah Brown b c 1845- Mrs. Gingrich a descendant
6. Mrs Wm Hortop 7 children
1. Maude m. Ern Eltherington 1929
2. Bessie

Lot 5

W.L Pembroke Shoemaker from Ireland age 44, with wife Helena age 32.
Also, in 1851 census Lawrence Cassidy from Ireland age 38, with wife Elizabeth age 30, and children Oleiva age 13, Mary A. age 6, John age 11, Henry age 10, James age 8, Walter age 4, Lawrence age 2, Anthony age

Living at the stone church on the Island was Simon Sanderl Catholic Clergyman Bavaria Catholic Wellington age 51, with John Shoeman, Workman from Westphalia age 27.

Records show that the first owner of the Big Island in the lake was Father Sanderal, a German Priest of the Parish of Guelph. About 1847 he instructed and furnished money to a monk named John Shoeman to build a monastery on the island. Father Sanderal on his return from a prolonged pilgrimage to Rome and the Holy Land, found the building unsuitable for the purpose. The island was sold, and the building fell into ruins.

Lot 6

Sam Eagle and wife Annie emigrated from Norfolk England 1837 to Sheffield, Beverly Twp. From the 1851 census, Samuel Eagle from England age 57, with wife Anne age 54 and family, Roseanna age 15, Matilda age 13, James age 21, Elijah age 19, and grandson Elijah age 5. Annie. Mrs. Sam Eagle was the first teacher in this settlement. She taught in her home. Also the first primitive Methodist service was held in their home.
In 1845 their son William Eagle b 1821 and wife Sarah Cope moved to lot 6. Their family was

Wm., Wesley, Emily, Elijah, Samuel, Sarah, Mary, and Alex. John Eagle, his wife and family, continued on the farm. Their family:

1. William b. 1821 m. Sarah Cope


2. Mary-Anne c 1828-1908 m. Alex Parks Dec. 1842. They had six children, 4 married. I have a note that Mary Ann's nearest relatives lived in Blenheim Twp and she would sometimes visit there, taking her children on horseback, following the blazed trail through the woods. The Parks are buried in Hespeler Cemetery

1. J.W. Parks
2. Mrs. Alfred Howitt d. c1892
3. Alexander
1. Isabel m.
3. Donald Parks
2. Ruth, Mrs. Harold Schultz, Preston Pharmacist

4. Mrs. John Blatchford
5. Mrs Hannah Brown - Mrs. Gingrich a descendant
6. Mrs Wm Hortop 7 children
1. Maude m. Ern Eltherington 1929
2. Bessie

3. Elijah b. 1833 m. 1. Louisa Adams
He lived lot 6 2. Ellen Congo

Elijah Eagle there 1875-80. J. Currie was close to 2nd in 1877.

John Eagle was on the lot by 1906.
1. Marvin b.1859-1932 in N. Dumfries, came here age 12
m. Sarah Ann Ireland 1864-1947
1. Leslie d. WW1
2. Lee served WW1; of Milfrod SK
3. Bertha m. Ernest Naisbery, SK and went west.
4. Arthur Eagle of Detroit owned farm in 1963
2. Alice b 1862 d Jan 2 1879 age years, 5 months
4. Rosiana
5. James b. 1831-1900 Norfolk m. Emily Martin 1830-1919 There was a community saying that an eagle flew away with a Martin.. The Eagles had 3 sons and 3 daughters. See lot 7 d. Hespeler after 1900
James Eagle d. 1946 age 80 i.e. b. 1866 m. Sarah Kerr 1873-1960
6. Mathilda 1839-1884 m. George Martin. She is buried in Hespeler Cemetery.

It appears that the Martin family into which James and Mathilda married attracted new Martin family members in 1855. Mrs. James Eagle’s father, George Martin, died at their home in 1882 in his 78th year. That fact makes her a sister of Mary Jane (Martin), Mrs John Paddock whose obituary explains that she was a “Native of Exeter, Devonshire, England, and came to Canada in 1855 with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Martin, settling in Puslinch on the farm now owned by Marvin Eagle. The trip from England lasted well over a month on the ocean as they came over on a sailing vessel and they were stuck in an ice floe for some time. They landed April 18, 1855 and arrived in Puslinch May 24 of the same year. She had a clear recollection of her early life in Canada. On one occasion lightening came down the chimney of their home and rendered her mother unconscious for a time. The same bolt hit their barn, killing a great number of cattle. She was married in 1869 to John Paddpck who lived about 2½ miles from her home. The Paddock family cleared 126 acres of the farm now operated by George Paddock, son of the deceased and it was here that she then made her home. In those days the country was very unsettled and many hardships had to be endured. The country was infested with wolves and bears and both people and cattle were in danger. The grain had to be drawn to Dundas and it was there all supplies were bought. She and her husband were among the pioneers of Puslinch. Mrs. Paddock was survived by her brother George, in Kitchener. His wife may have been Mathilda Eagle.

According to the 1856 letter, the south part of lot 6 was claimed by Adam Shaw, with a man named Curry living on it. J. Currie was close to concession 2 in 1877.

Big Angus Morrison also lived in a house on this farm.

Lot 7

Taken up by McWilliams; William Gilchrist who went to lot 21 RG and then to Kepple had it for a time c1866. 1907 John E. Chester. 1867 resident Elijah & James Eagle. He was there in 1858 and in 1882. He was an Ellis Church Trustee.

Kreig in 1950.

Lot 8

James McMaster of front lot 8 was there 1867 resident, in 1875, 77. His wife was Christina McLarty of lot 7 rear gore. She died March 1875 age 40. Their children were:

1. Ellen m. Ezra Clark
2. Mary bachelor
3. Christina bachelor
3 Archibald m May 31 1887 Margaret Ord daughter of John Black and Maggie Black
1. Malcolm Andrew 1890-1951 m
1. Alice E.1915-1967 m. Onstott
2. Archie Donald 1919
2. Charles Ord d. 1954
3. John A. 1892-1971 m
1. Lloyd Robert
4. Margaret Euphemia m.Groleau
4. Flora m. Clark
5. Euphemia m. John McLarty. Their family was bap @ Crieff:
1. Mary 1856 ?one sister m. George Hutchison of Galt.
2. John 1859 lived Breslau
3. Euphemia b. 1861 m. William Hutchison lived Galt
1. George W.
2. Mrs. G.D.Champ of Regina
3. Effie at home
4. Charles of Hamilton
6. Janet Bachelor
7. Dougald m.
8. Isabelle bachelor

1885 John Bond
In 1878 Mr. & Mrs. Tom Robertson moved to the property.. (See Mrs. Robertson bought it for her sons.1906 She was still the owner.
Puslinch, Jan 10, 1887 to the Editor of the Mercury Having noticed in your edition of the 23rd December last that you had not received the particulars of the accident occurring to Mr. Thomas Robertson by which he lost his life in Walkerville, Montana, on December 9 I respectively request your space now for these particulars taken mainly from the Butte City Inter-Mountain

About 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, Dec 9, a fatal accident occurred on the Alice steam mill, Walkerville, whereby Thos Robertson lost his life. The facts that could be learned are as follows- The engine at the mill had been slackened for the purpose of starting up the ten stamp mill. For some purpose or other the belt that turns the blower for the roaster, where Robertson was at work, came off. He started to go toward the ladder that leads up to the platform where the belt is usually put on, which is 22 feet 4 inches from the drying floor. One of the men who was employed at the roaster with Robertson told him to wait a few moments until he returned, when he would help him, as it usually took two men to put the belt on. With that the two men left for another part of the building, leaving Robertson standing on the drying floor of the mill close to the ladder. They had been gone but a few minutes when they returned. What was their horror to behold poor Robertson lying on the floor with a broken plank beside him. He was lying partly on his left side, endeavouring to rise. His first words were "I fell; the plank must have broke with me, did it not." A litter was soon made and the suffering man tenderly carried to the Alice hospital, where all human aid could do was done. It was found that the injured man had his collar bone broken and the ribs on his right side broken from the back bone, besides internal injuries. During the afternoon he requested that if his wife wished to have his body sent home to see that it was sent. He had full possession of his mental facilities until half past two Friday morning when he became unconscious and in half an hour breathed his last.

The deceased left many sincere friends in this place as well as in his Canadian home, being a man who made friends of all who knew him. The remains were brought home, arriving in Hespeler on the 16th in charge of Neil McCaffray, a fellow workman of the deceased in the mill (who is also a Canadian living in Grey Co near Owen Sound), and interred in Hespeler cemetery on the 17th in the presence of a large number of his many friends.

Deceased was born in Glasgow, Scotland. He was a former resident of Beverly to where he came about thirty years ago, removing to Puslinch in the spring of 1878. He was 49 years old at the time of his death. He leaves a widow and family of eight, four sons and four daughter to mourn his untimely death, but who have the consolation of knowing that his change is for the better, he having always been a consistent Christian and expressing in his last hours a firm unshaken faith in the goodness of God. J. H. Ellis.

1. Anthony m. Mary Gilchrist, daughter of John; Anthony was a thresher
1. Wm. 1892-1954 m Ada Patten of St. George. They lived at Walnut Villa in Hespeler.
1. March 8, 1936 a daughter; parents of St.George
2. Mary b. 1898 m. Bill Galbraith
3. Thomas
4. John
5. Wilson on the home farm
6. Isabella RN NY 1866-1949 Interred Hespeler
2. Jessie
3. Maggie
4. Mary m. J.W. Gilchrist
5. Belle

1923 G. Robertson

1950 N. Ireland

Lot 9

William Ross c1823-1906. 4 acres were cleared when he came in 1847. He was born Isle Burra, Orkneys; He had been a whale fisherman. On his first voyage they caught 17 whales. 1867 resident. He had the lot across the road too. In 1852 he married Isabella Dunbar of F1 L11.

1863 he built the barns; 1872 he built the farm house Family:

1.1906 Wm. Ross had the property. 1880-1954
2. John m. Jennie Scott; farmed d. age 67 1919 homestead; eldest son; had own farm, F2 L9 of second con. son William
3. Hugh 1855-1948 farmed F3 L21 m. Annie Gretz 1. Daughter Lillian m. Charles Martin 2 McPhail: son Carl 1899-1994
4. James
5. Mary d. age 70 Funeral from the home of her brother Hugh.
Later the Charles Martin family lived here for a number of years before moving farther east on the rear first.
1923 H. Heller
1950 W. Munch

Lot 10

Little John Thomson sold to it Peter Gilchrist of lot 11 about 1853. Alex Gilchrist b. 1841, son of William remembered in 1929 rooting and levelling down the hills where the orchard later was. There was no orchard and no buildings on the place then.

Peter Gilchrist 1828-1916 m. Margaret Wilkinson family:

viii.PETER GILCHRIST, b. Abt. October 21, 1828, Skipness Parish Kintyre; d. April 28, 1916, Puslinch Ontario.

He married MARGARET WILKINSON Abt. October 22, 1862 in At the home of the bride's parents F2 L 9 Puslinch, daughter of NEIL WILKINSON and DAVINA GARDINER.

i.DAVINA GARDINER5 GILCHRIST, b. 1864; d. November 30, 1864.
ii.JOHN WILLIAM GILCHRIST, b. July 01, 1865; d. November 29, 1942, Galt Hospital; Funeral from her brother's home.; m. MARY ROBERTSON, February 09, 1898; d. September 1932, Galt Hospital.
iii.ANN TAYLOR GILCHRIST, b. November 01, 1866, Puslinch Ontario; d. October 03, 1951, Puslinch Ontario; m. ANGUS MCCORMICK, April 20, 1898, Home of bride's parents Lot 10 Rear Conc 1 Puslinch; b. September 15, 1859, Puslinch Ontario; d. May 07, 1941, Puslinch Ontario.
iv.JANET GILCHRIST, b. May 01, 1868; d. 1944, Turnerville near Chatham ON; m. JOHN URQUEHART, September 15, 1913, Home of bride's father Lot 10 Rear Conc 1 Puslinch.
v.NEIL ALEXANDER GILCHRIST, b. 1869, Puslinch Ontario; d. 1871, Puslinch Ontario.
vi.ARCHIBALD GILCHRIST, b. February 1871; d. 1871.
vii.DAVINA JANE GILCHRIST, b. February 13, 1872, Puslinch Ontario; d. September 07, 1964, Ellis Nursing Home Guelph.
viii.MARY GILCHRIST, b. December 04, 1873, Puslinch Ontario; d. December 27, 1926, Palmerston ON; m. JOHN MCKENZIE, June 29, 1910; b. 1874; d. 1949.
ix.MARGARET KATHERINE GILCHRIST, b. July 27, 1875, Puslinch Ontario; d. January 03, 1949, Willett Hospital, Paris ON; m. ANDREW LEISHMAN, July 29, 1908, Home of bride's parents Lot 10 Rear Conc 1 Puslinch; d. 1933.
x.WILLIAM ALEXANDER GILCHRIST, b. March 08, 1877, Puslinch Ontario; d. October 21, 1956, Galt; m. MARY SCOTT, January 29, 1908; b. 1881; d. 1958, Galt. Lived in Saskatchewan. Retired, Galt
ix.KATE GILCHRIST, b. Abt. 1832, Likely Glentorrisdale, Skipness Parish, Kintyre Argylshire Scotland; d. 1912, Michigan. She married ARCHIBALD MC DONALD, son of ALEXANDER MCDONALD and CATHERINE MCTAGGERT They moved to Clio Michigan
The farm reverted to Rev. John McKenzie; there 1923; Then Guys bought it. 1950 Joseph Guy. 1990 Cooks have it

Lot 11

Pioneered by John Gilchrist and sons. purchased the lot from Little John Thomson.

JOHN GILCHRIST was born 1782 in Skipness Parish Kintyre, and died October 03, 1860 in Puslinch Ontario. He married ANN TAYLOR1 February 07, 1812, daughter of MALCOLM TAYLOR and ANN MCINVEN. She was born Abt. 1785 in Skipness Parish Kintyre, and died October 18, 1871 in Puslinch Ontario at home of son Malcolm.Burial: Killean Cemetery Puslinch

Children of JOHN GILCHRIST and ANN TAYLOR are:
i.WILLIAM4 GILCHRIST, b. March 01, 1813, Origaig Skipness; d. December 19, 1876, North Kepple ON.
He married JANET MCNAB December 25, 1842, daughter of WIDOW MCNAB.
ii.ARCHIBALD GILCHRIST, b. Abt. September 1815; d. August 11, 1894, Age 78 yr 11 mon. Puslinch ON
He married JANET MCINTYRE April 06, 1854 On Thursday, at residence of Bride's brother, by Rev. Jas Strang, daughter of EVAN MCINTYRE.
iii.MALCOLM GILCHRIST, b. 1817, Sunnidale Kintyre Scotland; d. March 30, 1890, Puslinch Ontario.
He married CHARLOTTE MCMILLAN December 22, 1853 At Galt by Rev. John Bayne,
iv.ANN GILCHRIST, b. Abt. 1819, Kintyre; d. February 09, 1863, Age 42.
v.JOHN GILCHRIST, b. 1821, Kintyre Scotland; d. 1900, Puslinch Ontario. He married EUPHEMIA WILKINSON May 20, 1857 at residence of bride's Father, by Rev Andrew McLean, West Church Puslinch, daughter of NEIL WILKINSON and MARY GILCHRIST.
vi.DUNCAN GILCHRIST, b. 1823; d. 1890. Puslinch Ontario.He married MARGARET MCCAIG 1855 from Con 9 Beverly. He farmed R9 Lt 14 Puslinch
vii.MARY GILCHRIST, b. July 17, 1826, Curr, Skipness; d. December 24, 1911. She married ALEXANDER MCINTYRE September 08, 1853 At home of bride's parents by Rev Strang of Galt They lived Niagara on the Lake
viii.PETER GILCHRIST, b. Abt. October 21, 1828, Skipness Parish Kintyre; d. April 28, 1916, Puslinch Ontario.
He married MARGARET WILKINSON Abt. October 22, 1862 At the home of the bride's parents F2 L 9 Puslinch, daughter of NEIL WILKINSON and DAVINA GARDINER. Faarmed R1 L10
Property inherited by Malcolm m. Charlotte McMillan

MALCOLM GILCHRIST was born 1817 in Sunnidale Kintyre Scotland, and died March 30, 1890 in Puslinch Ontario. He married CHARLOTTE MCMILLAN December 22, 1853 At Galt by Rev. John Bayne, Burial: Killean Cemetery Puslinch, Residence: Continued on homestead; cared for aging parents. Aft. 1890, She left the farm after Malcolm's death, and lived with Bessie in Hespeler


i.CHRISTIE5 GILCHRIST, m. JOLANS HARDY, Abt. 1887. Residence: They lived in Genesee Michigan near Flint.
ii.JOHN GILCHRIST, b. 1854; d. May 31, 1943; m. ELIZA ANN PADDOCK, March 17, 1886; b. August 1857; d. 1951. Farmed R1 L11 Puslinch & retired to Guelph
iii.ANNIE GILCHRIST, b. 1859, Puslinch ON; d. 1906. Burial: Killean Cemetery
iv.MARY GILCHRIST, b. December 10, 1860, Puslinch Ontario; d. December 14, 1960, Mt. Forest Ontario, a few days after her 100th birthday; m. ROBERT GALBRAITH, 1893; d. 1943. R. Galbraith was a teacher. Their final home was Mr. Forest.
v.BESSIE GILCHRIST, b. 1866, Puslinch ON; d. 1951, a flu victim who died at her sister's in Mt Forest. Burial: Hespeler Cemetery Ontario. Latterly she spent the winter months with her sister and nieces in Mt. Forest.
vi.CHARLOTTE GILCHRIST, b. December 05, 1863, Puslinch Ontario; d. 1921, At home of her sister Bessie in Hespeler; m. JAKE COOPER. They farmed the GIlchrist homestead, and raised a Home Boy, Mike French 1896-1967 who inherited the farm from their estates. He m. Marjorie Hodgson The farm was in his name in 1923. Their family:
1. William Sask
2. Michael Hespeler
3. Mary Hespeler
Sold later to Daymond

Lot 12

John McNaughton from Crown 1832

1841 Capt Paddock bought it and rear 13 for Thomas Jr.1867 resident: Thomas Paddock

Thomas Paddock jr. 1826 -1908 m. 1853 Elizabeth Ann Mallett 1830-1920; there 1875-85. Family:

1. Maria Elizabeth Paddock 1855–1923 was oldest dau m Mar 17 1874 Guelph. John Scott of FG L10, son of Wm Scott & Margaret Ogilvie. Built ranch & sawmill, Manitoulin. He d. 1926 Mills Twp. Manitoulin. A descendant, Capt. Scott of a ship launched at Collingwood was in Toronto harbour in the 90ties.
2. Eliza Jane m. John Gilchrist R1 L11
3. Caroline (Carry) 1870-1962 Mrs. Wm. Aikins Wm Aikens 1858-1933 1st wife Henrietta Smith
4. Jane, Mrs. Christian Gregor
5. Adelaide b1868-1952, Mrs. Thomas Aikens
1898 Wm.Paddock, son of George, bought it m. Janet McCormick l 16 3rd

1. John 1893-1944 m. Sadie Major
2. William 1861-1948
3. George d. 1954 bach. lived at corner
4. Alex.

1923 J.H. Dickenson

1950 Joseph Guy

Joseph.W. Guy d. 1984 and brother Charles d. 1985 they had a sister Frances b. c 1915-1996 who m. Angus Ainslie, whose daughter Betty is Mrs. Ron Storey

Lot 13

1841 Capt. Paddock bought it for Thos Jr. either from Wm Blue, or McNeil. Thomas Paddock c1831-1908 with wife Eliza Mallett.
c1830-1906 had lots 12 and 13.
1906 their son William Paddock.
1923 R. Hodgson
1923 J.H. Dickenson had this too.
Guys had this farm in 1950

Lot 14

Wellington co Atlas reserved it for Malcolm McCormick who inexplicably seemed to squat on 19 FG. In the 1851 census Edward Kingsbury from the US age 43with wife Catherine from Scotland, age 31, and children Edward age 14, Jane, age 12, Mary A.age 7, Amaze age 5, Gilbert age 4, Russell Land Co to George Ryfe 1872

1877 Richard Bond
1881 to John Scott
1896 to Matthew Scott
1911 to Scott Fixter
to Clarence Fixter
Possible "old Stout" and wife lived in a house on this lot. He was a vet of Prussian war. She spoke only German. They had children. This multilingual story has been passed down to us.

A German veteran of the Franco-Prussian War (1866-70) , Mr. Stout, lived with his family in a house on the south side of Puslinch Conc 2, west of County Road 35, possibly on lot 14. One day in the late 1800’s the small Stout children were noticed to be missing.

Mrs. Stout, who spoke only German, went searching and enlisted the assistance of Charlie Shaumberg, a neighbor who spoke both German and English. The two searchers called at Big John McDonald’s at the corner of sideroad 10. There they found his wife Peggy, who spoke only Gaelic, entertaining her neighbor, Mrs. Peter Gilchrist, who spoke both Gaelic and English.

Charlie Shaumberg explained the problem of the lost children to Mrs. Gilchrist in English. She translated it to Gaelic for Peggy, who replied that she had seen the children going into Rosses in a buggy. Mrs. Gilchrist translated this back to English for Charlie, who then told Mrs. Stout in German where her children could be found

Lot 15

Neil McPhatter elder from Crown Oct. 1831
Richard Paddock, son of Capt & George his brother
1867 resident Richard Paddock
1877 George had house on NE corner
Later, Wm's son George lived here
Frank, Jack's son owned it
Fred Paddock owned the farm land and his son Stewart inherited.

Lot 16

Alex McNaughton from Crown with front of 1st.
About 1840 Cpt Thos Paddock bought rear and front from Alex (Duncan) McNaughton
His son Richard 1829-1895 farmed it & rear 15; lived here off the sideroad. He married Grace McPhatter. Their family:
1. Thomas 1864-1922 RG L17 m. Annie Steele
2. Matthew 1866-1880
3 Jennie June 8, 1867-Jan 18,1944 m. Allan Stewart RG L20.
4 Sarah 1869-1947 m. Donald McMillan
5Richard c 1871- 1920
6 Augusta 1872-1954 m Archibald McMillan
7. Edward c1872Waterloo
8. Grace c 1874-1930 m. James Starkey
9. Fred c 1878-1962 m. Tillie Bond
10. Beatrice c 1879 m. Alexander Ramsay of l 7 lived FG L10 Gore
11. George m.
12 Charlotte 1880-1964 m 1910 Archie Fraser
13 Nelson d 1965 Bachelor
Lot severed at Second: house built for Jack Paddock m. Sadie Major
Fred Paddock who owed fam land m Tillie Bond. Their family was David, Edward, Stewart. Robert, Coral, and Grace. Stewart m Margaret Dunn and they farmed and raised their family there also.

Lot 17

Archie McShannock reserved it for his brother Donald. Brother Donald and his wife d. 1853 Bur. Killean. In the 1851 census, Donald McShannock from Scotland was age 63 with wife Catherine age 53, and family Catherine age 10, Margaret age 16, Charles 30, Archibald age 13, Duncan age 22 , with wife Elizabeth age 20
John Martin and Janet Blue worked in Toronto for a time; came 1850, first to F2 L16, front then bought this McShannock place. They built the stone house (had been 2 log houses (gave one to only daughter Grace. In the 1851 census we find John Martin from Scotland age 40, with wife Janet, age 40, and children Janet age 10, Grace age 8. That Grace Martin 1839-1916 m. John Martin from Scotland who d. 1917. Their family was Charles m. Lillian Ross, Catherine (Katy) m. Duncan McAllister lived F1 L26. Agnes m. John Mitchell of Inglehart, and Dan d. 1918. They grew up on the farm.
John Mitchell boarded at Martins while he worked as a foreman in Hogg's swamp, which was being cut off. He had snowshoes, something new in Puslinch. He married Agnes and they went to Inglehart where he had a farm, but she died of consumption, 1917, at Martins, leaving a baby, Grace. John and Grace stayed for a while, and Grace m. Innes Buchanan, Badenoch, She later remarried Durfy, and lived in Dryden. She had a son, Sandy Buchanan who died Feb. 1984.
1923 C. Martin & W. Kubhi
1950 Quinn

Lot 18

1832Hector Smith first took this up first. Charles Evans and Adam Dunn were first owners.
The 1851 census places Charles Evans here, having come from England, age 33, with wife Elizabeth, age 33 and family, James age 9, Mary age 7, Elizabeth age 3, Sarah A age 1.
1867 resident James c1806-1892 & John Hogg c1835-1880; John Hogg married Mary Pursell b c 1845, Barbara Ramsay’s daughter. The lovely stone home that burned in June, 1956 was built for John Hogg by John McQuillan and Stratton did the exquisite woodworking .

1885 James Hogg owned F2 L18- 20,21 His wife was Janet McGregor c1800-1852 Barbara Ramsay, lived with James Hogg. (He died 1892 age 86)

Hoggs came from north of Galt. .The 1881 census has John Hogg’s widow Mary living with James Hogg and his family which includes Mary Ellen Hogg 1870-1891 age 21 interred Marquette Michigan; Her sister Isabella 1872-1929 interred Chicago; Margaret Parker 1876-1953 Johnina Amesse 1881-1950 and James, c 1879. He owned 600 acres. Later his son William held the land. His daughter Barbara m.John McCormick in1892. A second daughter Amy m. Dan McLean. Their son James also went west to Craik, SK. The family moved west about 1910. The swamp was long known as Hogg's swamp.
Julian Lake probably bought it c 1931 and lived there with his wife Josephine (both were Poland born) and family, which included Jean, Mrs. William Howes-Jones of Hamilton, Isabel, Mrs. John Rankel, Edward and Frank who all had Puslinch connections. More recently Ed Lake is farming here. His wife Millie d. 1989. Sons Wm. and Gary.

Lot 20

This lot was first occupied by John Horrocks, described as a Miller Farmer from England, age 42 and wife Isabella Taylor, age 32, with children, William age 13, George age 11, John age 9 Sarah age 7, Margaret age 5, Robert age 3, Samuel age 1.
John Horrocks m Isobelle Taylor and they moved to Minto c 1877 and their dau m Moncrieff
1867 resident Thomas Fordin
1877 John Hogg
Dan McLean (Donald son of John "The Captain" m. Eva Hogg. They went to Sask. in 1893
J. Crowder owned lots 18, 19 & 20 in 1923. Metcalfes
Jim Porteous with wife Helen Marshall had the property from c 1928-1946. then retired to Niagara
James Porteous m. Helen Marshall in 1907. They lived here 1928-46, Falls. Their son, Jack m. Edith McDonald, Helen m. Tom Priest, Janet m. Gordon Wiggins, Willoughby Twp, and Mary m. Datenbeck
1950 Hughes

Lot 21

Alexander McCallum and his mother Margaret McCormick McCallum emigrated to this lot. Alexander and wife Margaret Stewart moved to Michigan after Catherine’s birth c1871. The other children were born in Michigan, Maggie c1873, Mary c1875, Jessie, c1876, Flora c1878, and Alexander c 1879.
1877-85 John Hogg
1923 D. Maltby
Gordon Crowder

Lot 22

Archibald McCormick 1816-1855 m. Flora McCallum of lot 21. She died, struck by lightening coming home from her mothers, when Jane was a baby. Archibald died in 1855. Their children Sandy, John, Archie and Jane were raised by others and went to US after1877. It was part of Alex. McCallum's 300 acres. The lot was next owned by William Stewart followed by his son Donald Stewart, who was there 1875,85.
By 1879-80 Donald Stewart m. Margaret Bell had children, Margaret m. Marshall Cochrane, . Annie m. Richard Paddock son of Capt. Thomas, Jean, and William who succeeded to the farm;
Finally John McCaig 1923; still in 1950, Willie MacMillan, and finally a Gravel Co.

Lot 23

William Stewart came in 1835 and married Catherine McPherson (Lot 27) about 1838. Allan Evans tells stories in the Idler. He walked to Toronto to get property for the East Puslinch Presbyterian Church. Family:
1. Donald c 1841 m. Margaret Bell lived L22
His twin Annie d. in infancy
3. Isabella m. Gillies McBean went to McBean Michigan
4. Margaret m. Alexander McCallum l. 22 and Evart, Michigan
5. Angus c 1849 m. Mary Ann McWilliams and succeeded to the property before 1906
Angus Stewart m.1885 Polly McWilliams. They were known as King and Queen. Had the barn built by Johnnie O'Hare McLean
1. Catherine Ann m. Hector McCaig
2. Isabel m. Arthur Evans
3. Margaret d. infancy
4. Margaret 1887 unmarried
Fred Roszell m 1882 Jane Ann McAninch (moved from lot 25); there 1923
1. Jean m Cecil Wigood
2. Wilfrid m. Martha Albright 1933
3. Earnest m. Helen Bosomworth
4. Anna m Rev. Howard Rockeby Thomas
5 Charlotte m. Kerwin Kallowy
6. Norman m. Dorothy Gray
7. Mabel m. Norman Laing
Wilfrid and Mart succeeded to the farm. Their children were Keith, Ruth and Donna
Wilfrid and Mart left the farm c1948 to manage the Wellington Co. Home.
Richard MacMillan, there 1950. d. 1978 Family, Richard, Mary, Donald, Allan. William, and Edward
Richard Jr. succeeded m. Catherine Haney, daughter of Freda Neighbour Haney. Their eldest children Ann and Mary, who died 1978 age 17 as the result of a 401 accident at Fina Station, where she worked, and was crossing the highway. The property was sold for gravel. The buildings were destroyed. The house had deteriorated badly with renters. Richard and Catherine moved to concession 7.

Lot 24

William Gilfillan and his family were early settlers and are the first recorded owners. 1867 resident There 1885. Their family was William of Princeton, Mary Ann m. King California,
Ellen was a maid at the Crieff manse before she m. L. Singular of Guelph, Isabella, Janet, Susan 1870, Jane 1874. By 1906 John Pinkney was occupying the property.
Charles Martin and his family moved here from R1 L17, where the family first lived. There 1923. Their family was John 1910, Edith m. Tom Priest of Galt, Janet m. Andy Simpson Galt and Kenneth m. Eleanor and lived in Puslinch. John continued on the farm, and eventually sold it to University of Guelph. John retired to Heritage House. Died 1997

Lot 25

The 1831 resident here was Donald (The Shepherd) McKenzie from Scotland, age 60, with wife Margaret age 40 and children, John age 16, Elizabeth age 15, Alexander age 13, Annabal age 12, Margaret age 10, Christina age 5, Anne age 3.
R1 L25 1867 resident: Donald McKenzie; 1871 directory says John McKenzie
Donald (Shepherd) McKenzie came 1828 or 29. His wife was the oldest daughter of Capt John Cameron, sister to Annabel McLean. His son John m Stewart from Beverly, and a daughter may also have married into this family. Donald McKenzie died age 95, in 1886 in their care in Beverly. He was a native of Rosshire, Scotland. When McPhatters came to Puslinch in 1832, he was their nearest neighbor to the east.

By 1885 Isaac Roszell m. Joanna McEnery was there. They came from Ballinafad to this lot.
1. Frederick m. Jane Ann McAninch
2. Emma m. Lewis McDonald, Clyde
3. Mabel m. John Ferguson d. age 45 in 1938
Frederick Roszell and Jane and family moved from here to R1 L 23 .
Robert Kennedy m. Annie there 1923
1. Annie m. Bob Riddell
c. 1950 Frank Rolfe and Margaret Hardie raised their family, Robert, Ted and Marilyn.
Subdivided., and they moved to Aberfoyle.

Lot 26

Duncan Stewart, thought to be brother of Peter Stewart concession 4 settled R1 L26; he had 2 sons, Robert sold the farm for a yoke of oxen, and moved, F9 L20.

From the 1851 census Robert Stewart was farming this lot age 36, with wife Margaret age 36, and children Robert age 9, John age 8, Walter age 6, Andrew age 4, and Alexander age 1.

Robert's daughter was mother of Thomas Evans and George. It was believed she was also the mother of George Atkinson and Mrs. Sam Hume.Tom Evan's wife was a sister of Big Jim Black who had 5 brothers, all away; a sister was also married to Bailey who lived on Bill Eastons farm years ago.

Lot 26, Part Lot

The farm was first worked by Donald Monroe from Scotland age 40,. In the 1851 census his wife, Elizabeth, age 35, and children Barbara age 11, Danenina age 5, Cathrine age 3, Margaret age 2, and Catherine Campbell Poor Widow, age 52

Donald Munro was a school trustee in 1858. He may have been a cousin to the Munros on the first concession. 1867 resident:; He was still there in 1885. Col. MacLean remembered him as a fine specimen of manhood, over 6' with broad shoulders. He was hurt falling off a load of hay.

John Bohn bought farm 1904. His father, Christian emigrated from Germany in 1815. He had previously farmed Waterloo and Paisley Block. John married Mary Slate, daughter of Guelph alderman. Their children were William, Alice, Harry and Leonard. William Bohn continued on the farm till his death.) Resident 1923 Holzhaur. The house and barn were burned at the time of the T.B. testing, before World War II. Willie began rebuilding a house and put up a small barn.
Jack and Murial Mast purchased the farm Christmas 1954 and moved back to Puslinch in spring 1955. They raised their sons Rick and Ken there. 1995 the farm was sold for gravel and Masts moved to F1 L29

Lot 27

This lot was settled about 1833 by George Taylor Sr. and wife Ann McCarthy m. 1816

The 1851 census found George Taylor from Scotland, age 56, his wife Ann age 56, and children, Elizabeth born on Atlantic Ocean age 19, Jane age 16 The older children were Margaret Taylor married William Graham on 9 Dec 1834 in Ancaster by John Miller, Minister, Isabella Taylor married John Horrocks on 2 Aug 1834 in Ancaster by John Miller, Minister, Janet Taylor 1822, married Duncan McFarlane of Puslinch (Janet was a great person. If anyone was sick, she was called for) , and George Jr. m Mary Smith, a daughter of Rev. James Smith. Information is scant on other first names, Duncan, Maryann, Elizabeth and Jane.
Puslinch Papers have George Taylor’s letter indicating arrival in 1832 after losing one child at sea, and birth of another, he asked for F7 L 27. They were staying with McBeaths. R1 L27 was the second last lot in the new survey, almost adjacent to the 7th concession in the old survey.
After Taylors, there were several occupants. 1877 R. Melvin owned the west half and Henry Munch on the east half. Munch also 1875 In the 1881 census, Henry c 1851 with wife Frances, nee Bott c 1858, and children Benjamin c 1879 and Josephine c 1880. Other family names are William, Harry and Nelson, and Mrs. Bennett of BC, Mrs. Tremain of Galt and Gladys.
The obituary for Mrs. Peter Patterson which indicates that they lived here 1898-1914, in a small log house. They also farmed lots 28 and lot 29.
By 1885 Michael Neighbour held it. He came to Canada in 1868 with his parents (German) His parents were Valentine 1804 Bavaria and Laura Marshall. His older brother Charles (tailor) farmed l. 4&6 4th. Children of Michael and Jennie Riddle were Robert NWT, Mrs. Philip Lurch and Frederick. He then married Margaret Eidle and the children were John, George Greta and Freda m. Joe Haney. John and George continued on the farm. George took over the farm in 1917;. He grew plots of large vegetables i.e. 50 squashes, pumpkins, mangles and cabbages, all huge. He exhibited, and won at Royal Winter Fair first prizes for barley and oats, fall wheat in Chicago and Chancellor peas at Royal.
1923 J .N Neubauer;1950 Jack & George Neighbour

Lot 28

Settled by David Stahl, who afterwards sold to Geo Taylor Jr. whose wife was daughter of Rev. James Smith. George was the 27 year old Scottish born son of George Taylor of lot 27. His wife was Mary nee Smith.

When he moved to Michigan, the next occupant was Andrew Stewart b 1830, N Dumfries Twp. m Janet McFarlane, b 1837 dau. John & Margaret McFarlane of conc 2 ; Andrew d 1875. 1877 Mrs. A. Stewart. Children John, Charles and two others
Peter Patterson sold to George Atkinson
Michael Neighbour
1923 R. McMillan see R1 L23 Richard McMillan m. Catherine Haney
East Half Alex McNaughton, a Scottish farmer, age 30, with wife Mary age 21 and 1-year old daughter Janet.
Henry Munch; John Munch; Lockett
Later M. Neighbour bought it.

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