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As part of our ongoing mandate to not only preserve our heritage and history but also to make it accessible to the public we have created this online research portal. Below you will find a wealth of information on the history of Puslinch categorized for easy search. Simply choose a topic below to begin your search.

Rural townships were divided into school sections when public education first began in the mid-nineteenth century. Each area soon became a community of its own and people in Puslinch would say, for example, “We’re from Badenoch.” Immediately other residents would know that they lived in southeast Puslinch. The school sections in the Township were numbered S.S. 1 to 12.

In 2015 the Puslinch Historical Society offered public viewings of their compilation, The Communities in Puslinch. This was presented over 3 evenings, with four of the twelve school districts offered each night.

There have been many requests to see this presentation by people who were unable to attend, so it was decided to post the document on our website. Since the files are mostly pictures – making them large files to download and view – the complete file has been divided into four parts.

Notes on the Gore of Puslinch

W.F. MacKenzie, writing in the Mercury in 1906-07, states that there was a period in the history of the Gore of Puslinch when there were only three families from the town line of Waterloo to the Brock Road, a distance of nine miles, who could not speak the language of Gaelic. Those families were McQuillan, Fordyce and Robert Elliott. He may have picked up that quote from one of the families he interviewed. Frequent reference to McKenzie is made in this article. The Gore of Puslinch was heavily forested with pine trees, the roots of which did not easily disintegrate. As a result the farms in the Gore were the last farms in the township to be settled. These lots were also surveyed separately from the remainder of the Township.

Gore Front

Lot 1

There is an old story that this lot was the first lot in this part of Puslinch to be taken up. (Settlement was then taking place in the adjoining townships of Dumfries and Waterloo. Walter Bone came in 1835. In 1851 census he was age 60 with wife Mary age 58. His deed was registered 1836. The first road went through lot 1 to the town line.
Bone Family:

1. Marian b. Dumfrieshire 1821-1902 m. 1840 Angus McKellar lived F1 L7 Concession 1

2. Mary b c 1829 m. 1. Bell

3. Gideon Hood, Guelph Merchant
From her first marriage there was a daughter Jessie who m. Wm. McCrae Her children were Mrs. Archibald McCorkindale, Thomas, Jessie, and David. The late Flora (McCrae) Cleghorn was a descendent.

4. John (Jack) b c 1831 Scotland m. teacher of Wilkinson School; Marriage: Dumfries Reformer May 27 1857 On Thursday last, the 14th inst., by Rev Hodgkins, of Doon, Mr. John Bone, to Miss Mary Oakes, both of Puslinch. They had a son who was Toronto Star writer and later went to New York. Thomas Paddock was student of the teacher, and heard the story .

5. Margaret b. c. 1833-1912 m. John Milroy
In the 1851 census, George Moffat, a Mason from Scotland age 21 was living with them.
1867 Resident: James Mitchell
Gazetteer 1875 James Brydon 1871-1878, born in Selkirkshire Scotland. To New Dundee at age 3. For 50 years he farmed here. A son Thomas in Carman Man. Three daughters, Mrs. A. Lake, Hespeler, Margaret at home and Miss Mary of Mount Clair, New Jersey.

Francis Woods lived here too; his children: Walter, John, Mary at Killean School
1885-1906 Jas Bryden. From the 1881 census, James Bryden c 1840 Scotland and wife Jane c 1842 Ontario with family Catherine c 1872, Thomas c 1873, and Margaret c 1879.
1950 Daley. 1967 John Bryden and his sister Margaret sold to Mr. Daley

Lot 2

Original owners 1832 was Alexander McKellar and wife Elizabeth Scott. (She was a sister to Red Jack Scott (lot 14 RG) and he built a house on a lot he bought for his sister lot 13 front con. 1. They had a daughter Mary Jane McKellar who m. Stewart and lived in western Canada.) Mrs. McKellar was dau of "James Scott, who came in 1857 with his son John and daughter Mrs. Alex McKellar"

This is entirely wrong. Actually the information about Alexander McKellar may be correct in itself but is separated from the original owner by a generation.

The original owner, as far as I have been able to establish, was Duncan McKellar, as mentioned later on with regard to 1832. Duncan and his wife Janet Campbell were married in 1829 at Kilmartin, Argyleshire, Scotland, according to Marion McRae. It appears they first came to Puslinch in 1832 as their daughter Christina was baptised in January of that year in Kingston [Registers, 1821-1869, St.Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Kingston, Ontario, OGS Kingston Branch, 1980]. Their gravestone is in the Pioneer Pergola in Cambridge.

Alexander McKellar, Duncan’s son, born in 1833, married Elizabeth Scott on May 22, 1867 [N.Huber, Marriages of Galt and Area Inhabitants with Some Strays, Waterloo, 1986].

1867 resident Archibald McKellar

This item seems a bit out of sequence. It is also potentially confusing but may be correct. Duncan’s youngest son Archibald (aged about 24) may have been living with his older brother Alexander, who owned this lot by this time.

Note Betty Major is researching McKellor/Scott and writes to descendants in western Canada.

Perhaps this came from the Kirkwall Book:

Family of Duncan McKellar:
Alex McKellar
William McKellar
Duncan McKellar
Matilda McKellar

The list of children above does not appear to be correct. The following is the family of Duncan McKellar, according to Marion McRae. I believe she had access to a family bible. Most of the children have been confirmed in the 1861 census and in Duncan’s will. Duncan McKellar died in 1864 at age 60.

Wife: Janet Campbell (died July 16, 1894 – an extensive obituary was published in the Galt Reporter – I have read it but don’t have a copy or the publication date).


  1. Ann Smith (d.1842, headstone in Pioneer Pergola)
  2. Christina (married John McRae, an innkeeper in Galt – these are my ancestors)
  3. Alexander (married Elizabeth Scott)
  4. Mary (married a McDonnell)
  5. Jennet
  6. Matilda
    (Marion McRae comments that one of these two (5 & 6) was later Mrs McLachlan)
  7. John (possibly moved to Ingersoll)
  8. Archibald
  9. Ann Smith (another daughter by the same name as their first Married Frederick Wallace, June 4, 1868 [W.E.Britnell, Ed., County Marriages of Ontario, Canada, 1858-1869, Vol.10, Wellington County, 1982]. Not to be confused with a third Ann Smith, daughter of Angus McKellar of Lot 7, Con. 1, who was married the following year!)

Duncan McKellar’s will names his children Christina McRae, Jennet McDonel (so there may be some confusion with respect to Mary), Matilda McLaughlan, Ann Smith McKellar, John McKellar, Archibald McKellar, and Alexander Smith McKellar who inherited the south half of Lot 2 and the southeast quarter of Lot 4 in the Gore of Puslinch.

There is no sign of sons named either William or Duncan. Angus McKellar of Lot 7, Front, Con.1 had sons by these names who may have been confused with the elder Duncan’s children.

I have some additional odds and ends of information on these individuals if it is of any interest.

Duncan McKellar lived here with Angus in 1832, when Neil McPhatter came to front lot 15, Concession 1.

Yes, this is mentioned in [Jean F.Hutchinson, The History of Wellington County, Grand Valley, 1998]. I believe this information is extracted from a letter written by Mr. McPhatter.

Duncan got his deed from the crown in 1846. Angus McKellar (FG lot 3 in 1872) witnessed John Clark's will about 1865. Miss Marion McRae of Frank Cres. Toronto

Marion McRae died some years ago.

was a great grand-daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Duncan McKellar who raised a family in Puslinch and were born c 1800. She has a memorial card for Angus who d. Jan. 1886 age 71, therefore born c 1815 and buried at Killean.

This Angus would appear to be the elder one, of Lot 7, Front, Con.1. I don’t know if there was any close family relationship between him and Duncan.

In the Kirkwall Church History there is an item on a McKellar who moved from Killean to the Kirkwall area.

1871 Alex McKellar

Yes, the 1871 Census lists Alexander McKellar as head of family.

1885 A. McKellar

This item is out of sequence.

1875-Wm. Scott

1875-80 Archibald McKellar

1877 Topographical and Historical Atlas of the County of Wellington, Ontario, Walker & Miles, Toronto, 1877, reprinted 1972] shows Lot 2, Front Gore, owned by "A.McKellar". Which if the many individuals by this name is not clear.

1886 Archibald Ramsay (1857-1947) bought it and named it Cedar­view. His wife was Christina Bryce who d. 1929 Archibald was an old time fiddler, built stone house.

But presumably this does not mean the stone house on Lot 2? The Reeve’s believed their house dated from the 1840's and the 1861 Census indicates that there was a stone house there by that time.

After Archibald's death Oswald and Alberta continued to live there


  1. Margaret m. Dan McMillan lot 16 RG
  2. Alberta bachelor on homestead
  3. Stella m. 1917 Stan Reeves
  4. Oswald bachelor on homestead
  5. Alma m. Wm. Elvin (Kirkwall) son James
  6. Alexander bachelor

1950 Oswald Ramsay

2000 Cliff Reeves

My mother and I had the pleasure of visiting the Reeves a few years ago at the old stone house on Lot 2, FG. They believed it dated from the 1840’s.

Lot 3

Crown to Archibald McKellar 1844 (Duncan and Angus cleared it and settled 1832.)

I think it was Duncan and Archibald who must have settled it in 1832. The Angus McKellar associated with this lot I believe to be Archibald’s son. He was born about 1830. Archibald died in 1850 [headstone for him, and his wife Mary Campbell, is in the Pioneer Pergola, Cambridge], before the first complete census, which makes confirming the relationship with Angus a bit difficult. Mary did live with Angus for many years after Archibalds’s death, according to census records.

It seems likely that Duncan and Archibald were brothers but I have no formal confirmation of this. My recollection is that Janet (Campbell)McKellar’s 1894 obituary states this to be the case. Duncan and Archibald were sometimes lumped together in the Puslinch assessment rolls of the 1830’s and 1840’s. However, on those occasions when they are listed separately (1837,1839,1842,1843) Duncan is associated with Lot 2 and Archibald with Lot 3.

Don't confuse this Archibald with Duncan's son Archibald or Angus's (Lot 7, Con.1) son Archibald!

See lot 2 Front Gore for detail.

1867 resident Angus McKellar

Yes, this makes sense. Angus McKellar, aged 30, is listed as head of family in the 1861 Census.

1871 Angus McKellar

Yes, Angus McKellar, aged 40, is listed as head of family in the 1871 Census.

1877 P. Gillies

1877 Topographical and Historical Atlas of the County of Wellington, Ontario, Walker & Miles, Toronto, 1877, reprinted 1972] shows Lot 3, Front Gore, owned by P.Gillies.

1875, 1879-80 Frederick Schuman and John who may have m. Flora Munroe

1885 L. Gilholm

James Bryden, born in Selkirkshire Scotland to New Dundee at age 3. For 50 years he farmed here. A son Thomas in Carman Man. Three daughters, Mrs. A. Lake, Hespeler, Margaret at home and Miss Mary of Mount Clair, New Jersey.

1906 John Scott owned it and lot 4. J. O'Donnel was in charge of the horses and cattle. Black

Bill Rae last worked it. Alex White bought it from Scott estate and held it for 20 years. 1953 sold it to Reg Marshall

Eventually the property was sold to Galt Sportsman Club along with lot 4, except for 5 acres McKellars gave to Ramsays. Oswald sold it for lumber.

Kirkwall Church History has an article on Angus McKellar, from Loch Gilead, Argyleshire who married Mary Ferguson and died 1908.

I have not seen this article. Perhaps it could clarify his relationship with Archibald McKellar.

Angus McKellar of Puslinch married Mary Ferguson of Beverly Sept.15, 1865 [Dumfries Reformer, Sept.20, 1865]. This would appear to be the same Angus McKellar who owned Lot 3.

He came from Killean to Ed Small's farm on the 9th. Their family was
1. Mary m. Dr. Mott, Buffalo
2. Annie m. M.E. Hall, Toronto
3. Archibald of Hamilton

1950 G.R. Marsh

Lot 4

Crown to Archibald and Duncan McKellar 1844
See lot 3 for detail 1885 A. McKellar.
John Scott had it in 1906
1950 G.R. Marsh

Lot 5

1867 Duncan McColl, who lived lot 7 con. 10 Beverley and was neighbour to McPhatters in 1832. John McMillan wrote of Black Alex McColl being a neighbour; 1867 resident Wm. Taylor 1871-75 William Taylor & Andrew Oliver; 1875-6 James Blain; John and Robert Blain attended school at Killean 1873-8 1875-1885 William Taylor; children Jane, Lydia, William at school 1873;Jane, Lydia & William in school 1878. 1906 front 50: Edward Ramsay; rear 50 Fred Bartels, with rear lot. 1950 Donald Ramsay

Lot 6

Alexander McIntyre emigrated from Badenoch Inverness between1841-44. His parents, John McIntyre and Annabelle Stewart and grandparents, Even McIntyre m. Christina Grant also came. In the 1851 census John McIntyre age 43. With mother Christina from Scotland age 70, brothers Donald age 39, Alexander School Master age36, William School Master age 27, Peter age 23, and sister Janet age 24

1. John McIntyre 1809-1931 m Annabelle Stewart 1830-1902
John owned lot 6 in 1875-77 He married Annabel Stewart Blacklock,(widow of John Blacklock of Galt) who had 4-year old son John b 1855; she (dau Kenneth L. Stewart and Mary Smith) spoke Inverness Gaelic and John spoke it and the other Gaelic dialect too. John Blacklock m. Barbara Thomson b 1858 and went to Dakota and was a politician there. His children Annie and Christie who lived in Ayr.
1Janet 1859-1946 m William Nicholl
2.Christie b 1862
3.Evan 1868-1909 obit is in a scrapbook He died age 74 after a 6 month illness after a fall 6 weeks ago, one of Ayr's best known residents. For 27 years assessor and tax collector of Ayr until recently. Came to Ayr 40 years ago. Sisters, Janet Mary 1859-1946 Mrs. Wm. Nicoll, (6 children William & James 1890 who died within an hour; William 1891; Stuart 1893-1966 m Mae Hughes; Annie 1870 and Christie 1862, all of Ayr.
4.Annie b 1870
2. Mary 1810-1889 m John Watson After John’s death, Mary & her 5 children emigrated in 1850. For a time they lived with her parents and siblings on lot 6.
Mary age 41 with Peter age 13, Christina age 12 and Isabella age 10, Hugh age 7, Alexander age 5 Then she moved to a house on her Uncle Peter Grant’s farm on F9 L32, across from Badenoch school. She was known as Grannie Watson.
3. Donald 1812 - after 1894(near London)
4. Margaret m Robt Clark
5. Alexander 1815-1901 He bought FG L6 for the family. He taught at Killean and Crieff, married Mary Gilchrist and is buried at Niagara-on- the Lake. In 1873 McIntyre children Annie , Evan, Katie, Mary and Christina 1857-1891 m Duncan Gillies attended school at Killean in 1878.
6.Isabel (Bella) m James Bell; they stayed in Scotland
7 William 1824-1893 William known as Garfield because he sold President Garfield biographies. He was a teacher. His common-law wife was Sally McQuillan who died by the
roadside They had 2 sons, raised by their Aunt Janet, Mrs. Archibald Gilchrist. John b 1864 and Hugh 1873 who was insulted by Even, went west and was never heard from after his aunt died. William was on lot 6 in 1871
8 Janet 1825-1901 m Archibald Gilchrist 1815-1894 (See Rear R1 L16 2)
9 Peter Angus b 1829 m. Mary Clark dau John & Mary Grant Clark
1885 W.R Irving
1906 Peter Angus
1950 D.V.A.

Lot 7

Alexander Ramsay pioneered it; (1867 resident) m. Janet Purcell, who owned it in 1906.
1. Archibald 1857-1947 m. Christina Bryce
2. James 1861 m. Margaret Scott; teacher in Hespeler
3 Barbara 1869-1951 m. George Paddock
4. Norman 1863-1947 bachelor; remained on farm until 1924 when a cyclone destroyed house; then moved to lot 5.
5. Alexander 1865-1940 m. Beatrice Paddock
6 Edward m. contractor, Toronto
7. Mary m. Those. Jamieson, Clyde
8. Donald 1873-1956 m. Margaret Bryce c1872-1950; lived FG L8
9. John
1950 Donald Ramsay

Lot 8

1851 census indicates resident William McQuillan from Ireland age 55, with wife Agnes age 45, and family Sarah age 24, Samuel age 19, Elizabeth age 17, John age 15, William age 13, Mary age 11, Thomas age 8, Ellzina age 5, Agnes age 4,

From this lot, an old road leads across Mill Creek, through the McLarty farm to 1st concession. William McQuillan and brothers Tom and John from Ireland pioneered this lot. They had apprenticed as stone masons. Tom and John were particularly clever. They built stone houses; they had a wild reputation. They were badly frozen during a snowstorm in 1882, the night of Tillie McKellar's wedding. Bill went hunting for them, and he died in the snow.
The family continued on this lot until at least 1885

By 1906 Norman and Alex Ramsay took it over.
Donald Ramsay d. 1956 was next owner with Margaret Bryce. He had the barn rebuilt, and built the prominent red brick house. By 1962 their son Gordon and wife Edythe Fewster were living there. By 1986 Dr. Gary Ramsay was offering it for sale.

Lot 9

Rankin Elliot;
1867 Thomas McIntyre
1871 John McIntyre
1877 J. Scott
Wm. Scott owned it for a time
1875-80 James Bryce father of Margaret etc.
1871,1879-80 Hector McAllister with 4 sons & a daughter. In the 1881 census Hector c 1805 from Scotland with wife Maria c 1826, and family David c 1853, Donald 1857, James 1858 and Peter c 1862. James and Peter McAllister were in Killean school about 1878. Latterly Donald McAllister was on the west half till c 1918. He was an eccentric old man.
1879-1906 James Bryce had the east half.
1950 Ira Anderson had it
Jack Stewart built the house and moved the buildings from Station property

Lot 10

Granted to Col. Lamprey
Purchased by Donald McInnes a native of Argyleshire (two sons became wholesale merchants Hamilton) Another son was Senator McInnes of British Columbia
1848 Wm. Scott 1812-1895 who emigrated 1839 to Dumfries, Winterbourne and Woolwich;
1867 resident 1871-75; later also bought FG L 9, 11,12, and north 25 acres of lot 9, c. 10 Beverley. 1885 George Scott.

In 1851 census, William Scott from Scotland age 41, with wife Margaret age 38, and children William age17, Andrew age 16 in Waterloo16, Adam age14, Elizabeth age14, George age11, Anne age 8, John age 6, Ellen age 3,
1. William Dumfries then RG L10
2. Andrew FG L12 m. Mary, Malcolm McPhatter's daughter Mary
3. Adam Arizona
4. John Manitoulin m.dau. Thos Paddock
5. James FG L11
6. Walter d. 1893
7. George d.
8. Mrs. Andrew McBean
9. Mrs. Robert Jamieson
10. Mrs. John Jamieson
Barbara Ann, William and Margaret Scott were in school c 1878

Alexander and Beatrice Paddock Ramsay bought the lot
Family: 1. Alexander
2. Christina m. Harold McIntyre 3 children.
3. Grace m. John Walsh - Beatrice & John twins, and Richard

The CPR Station was on this lot (Leslie) and the residence for section boss (McEachern, Bruder). Buildings were moved to lot 9 by Jack Stewart.
1950 Alex Ramsay Estate

Lot 11

Granted to Capt. Geo Lamprey; early settled by Duncan Buchanan a native of Argyleshire.
By 1877 Wm Scott owned it
By 1906 his son James lived on it (Owned it.)
1950 Alex Ramsay 1999 his estate

Lot 12

Granted to Capt. Geo. Lamprey
Adam Currie
Wm. Scott owned it in 1867 & his son Andrew lived on it 1867 resident & 1871-85
Andrew FG L12 m. Mary dau. Malcolm McPhatter. Andrew was on the renowned football team of the ‘90's.
Andrew Scott was here in the 1881 census with children Margaret 1866, Florence c 1868, Mary c 1869, Andrew c 1874, Betsy c 1876, and Lorne 1880 Their daughter Margaret m. J.D. Ramsay. Margaret's obituary Oct 29, 1942, listed sisters Mrs. G.E. Riddell of Galt, Miss Florence Scott of Grand Rapids, Mich., and Mrs. Mary Goff of Detroit Mich and a brother, Andrew A. Scott of Lansing, Mich. A scrapbook obituary says Mrs George Elliott Riddell was the former Helen Bessie Scott daughter of Andrew Scott
1903 John A. Wilkinson purchased it and 10 acres across road in Beverley
1950 H. Whitcombe

Lot 13

Crown to Wm. Lockerby
1848 C. Helm to George McIntosh
George and Mary Oliver Helm came to Canada in 1830; Mary’s Oliver relatives came to Dumfries(Andrew Taylor Our Yesterdays p 298
1851 George Helm; still there 1871. In the 1851 census, George Helm from Scotland age 45, with wife Mary age 41, with children Isabella born in Lower age 20, Agnes b Lower age 11,
Ellen E. b Lower Canada age 9, Mary b Lower Canada age 7, Thomas b Lower Canada age 18,
Robert b Lower Canada age 17. William b Lower Canada age16, James b Lower Canada age 13, George b Lower Canada age 5. John Helm attended Killean School about 1873;
Thomas Henry age 26 lived with Helm family.
1856 John Scott Sr. there 1867 resident & in 1871,85
John Scott had the unpleasant experience of getting lost in the forest. On one occasion he had to go to Galt for household supplies. On his way home night overtook him about two miles from home. He struggled on for some time until concluding he was lost and further effort would be useless, he erected a shelter under a tree, covering it over with brush. He was not long in this uncomfortable and precarious situation, when the howling of a pack of wolves became quite distinct. The unwelcome sound continued for some time at intervals, with increasing volume. while thus awaiting with anxious feelings, he heard the trampling of some animals in the leaves, and naturally concluding it was the dreaded wolves, he threw up the frail roof of his shelter and gave a loud shout to frighten the objects of his apprehension, which proved to be timid deer. To his shout came a welcome reply and proceeding in the direction from which this sound came, he soon reached the clearance and found it was his mother, who had been with considerable concern awaiting his return that answered his call.
1901 John Scott jr. m. Mary Riddick 1884-1970 from Crieff
1. Matthew 1907-1970
2. Charles 1908 -1992
3. Robert 1915 -1988
4. Archibald 1923 m
5. Norman 1922-1939
Also owned l. 14; Charles & Bob sold farm c 1983 to Bob Good and built retirement home on l. 14. Purchased 1988 by Betty and Bill Egerdee.

Lot 14

Patent to John Thomson m. Margaret Campbell and Robert Campbell
John Thomson went to the Gold Rush; upon his return 1868 there was a Sheriff's sale; John and George Scott purchased it. 1867 resident: John Scott; Scrapbook item " In the death of George Scott, Galt loses another of its oldest citizens. He was the last of a family of 10 and was in his 91st year. Born in North Dumfries, a son of William and Margaret Scott. He farmed in Puslinch till 1902 when he retired to Galt. He married in 1880 to Jane Bell Conkey and is survived by her.
1885 J. Scott
1950 Charlie Scott

Lot 15

Harnet; 1871 John Blain
1875 J. Cook
1879-80 Wm. & James Cook
1906 James Cook m. Christina McPhatter of F1 L14
1950 Allan Foreman

Lot 16

Lot granted to Col. Lamprey
Wm. McCormick, son of John 1810-1865 subscribed to church in 1854; hanged himself;
In the 1851 census, William McCormick age 35, with wife Mary age 30, and children Janet age 7, (d 1859) Jane age 4, and Catherine age 3. She later m Bob Sim. There were other children Jack m Mathilda McKellar. Archie was a newspaper man in Cleveland Ohio. Alexander was known as the ash peddler.
1871-77 Mrs. Wm. McCormick, Neil & John
Jack was there 1877-85

Next owned by Neil McPhatter, grandson of Elder m. Mary McMillan RG L13 1885
1. Charles McMillan
2 Tena m. Alex Conkey
3. Blair-bachelor:
1906 James McMillan
1950 Clarence Awde

Lot 17

Lot granted to Col Lamprey
Neil McPhatter Jr. m. Isabella Henderson; was there in 1871
In the 1851 census, Neil McPhatter from Scotland age 38, with wife Isabella age 38, and children Alexander age 10, Neil age 8, Sarah age 7, Agnes age 5, Isabella age 2, and John age 1 1. John b. 1853
2. Flora Jane c1853-1936 m. James Barber She retired from Keady, Grey Co. to her sister's in Galt.
3 Mrs. S. Clowting of Galt;
4.Nancy m. William McArthur of N. Dumfries in March, 1867. She was the second daughter of Neil McPhatter. Rev. Andrew Maclean married them. Guelph Herald March 2, 1867
1877 onward: John & Neil McPhatter 1927 Centennial Mercury has a note that on September 22 1881, during a violent storm (hurricane) in Puslinch when there was much property damage, Mrs. John McPhatter was killed by lightening when it practically destroyed the house in which she resided.. The mother of John's children was a Cunningham, a sister of Jean Brown Hunter's father. About 1908 or 10 the family moved to Branchton
1. Sadie m. 1 Wray Smith 2. Green She died 1982 age 89
2. Frank
3. Arthur farmed St. George d c. 1902

Clarence Witter m. Mary Tathum were next owners and raised their family.
Marian, Lorraine, Mrs. Neil Plummer, June and Elizabeth d. February 1948
1950 C. Witter; Lorraine Plumber inherited after her mother’s death

Lot 18

Granted to James Durand
Malcolm McCormick 1815-1887, son of John took it up. He was known as Callum Shauther, the sailor. His first wife was his cousin, Catherine Wilkinson. Second Nellie Carruthers Gibson.
In the 1851 census, Malcolm from Scotland was age 35, and his wife Catherine was 26.
Mrs. McAllister remembered that when the sailor married Nellie, there was a party at McIntyres on the Gore. Some of the girls, putting their arms around the groom's neck, broke a blister or lump which never healed and eventually killed him. He bought the west lot of F1 L20,1881, signed it over to Nellie 1884.

Donald McGeachy by 1885 had lot 18, then James and Elizabeth McGeachy Nelson took it over. They came from Glenelg with
1. Clara m. David Bradley R. 2 Holland Centre
2. Cecil d. 1982 in 74th year. Farmed. Later worked with W. Roszell at Wellington Co. home
3. Ralph bachelor d. 1971 He stayed on the farm which later reverted to a Dutch family.

Lot 19

Granted to Capt. George Lamprey
Malcolm McCormick, brother to Wm. McCormick may have squatted on it; R1 L14 had been reserved for him Oct 1831 sale); he came about 1833. His wife, Peggy Blue, perhaps sister-in-law to Mrs. Neil McPhatter nee Grace McKinnon Blue. After Peggy died (1839) he remarried and moved to Garafraxa (in 1851). When Malcolm died in 1886 he was buried in Killean Cemetery, in the same plot as his first wife. When the grave was dug, they found Peggy’s red hair.
1867 Angus McCormick on lot 19
By 1851 William Wright owned it. He was a school trustee. Names of his children were William, David, Catherine. In the 1851 census, William Wright from Scotland age 37, with wife Mary age 33 and children Catherine age 15, Agnes, age 13, Margaret age 11, Mary age 9, Jane age 7, Jemima age 3, Rachel age 1. There was likely a son James also, because he was the next owner. Daughter Jeannie Wright Moore wrote to Col. McLean that her father welcomed Rev. Andrew and his 2 sons. Her husband, a minister at Indian mission Mistasasis, Sask in 1928.
James Wright next owner
1871,1877 onward John Blake: daughter Annie m. Taylor of Calgary. Son James m. Mary Cowan of Crieff. Their daughter Margaret m. Norman Wainman. Family retired to Galt
1949. A. Brunsveldt.

Lot 20

Granted to James Henderson
Thomas Fordyce, the weaver lived here before he moved to concession 1. Family names: Jane, Lizzie and George.
In the 1851 census, Thomas Fordyce, Weaver from Scotland age 44, with wife Margaret age 49 and family Joseph b Flamboro West age 19, Thomas age 17, Agnes age15, William age 10. Margaret age 9, John age 4 Elizabeth age 1.
Also in the 1851 census is Duncan McNab from Scotland age 37, with wife Joan age 23 and children Mary age 3 and Anne age 1.
1871 Mrs. Duncan McNab; 1877 D. McNabb. Mary McNabb borrowed books from school library

Angus McCormick and Barbara Blair lived there after they lost lot 18 in 1885
1906 John McGeachy m. Decker; their children, Jim and Margaret; Jim McGeachy;
Next owner Vern Moore severed the lot; had pig farm on east portion, which Wm Crow owned for a time. 1950 M. Irvin The Whitcombe brothers are on the west portion.

Lot 21

Granted to Robert Ethrail.
Robert Elliott was an early settler on FG L21 1867 resident.
In 1851 census Robert from Scotland age 37, with wife Agnes age 36, and family, Janet b Scotland age 17, Margaret age 14, Jane age 9 b Canada, Agnes age 6, Elizabeth age 2.

This farm became the property of his son Matthew Elliott. 1871-1877,
1885 Robert Elliot m. Julia McQueen of Beverley. Ellliot names are Mary, Matthew, Johanna, Robert. A daughter Agnes m. Henry Blake and lived on 6th of Beverley.
1906 Matthew Elliot

It was sold 1917 to Jack Sawyer; Elliott d. 1925.
Jack Sawyer and Jean lived there when they first married. Later they moved to F1 L19.
Percy Jackson bought it then.
1950 M. Black
Marymount Recreation area south of the railway
Allan Stewart bought the land north of the railway, and his son Gordon still owns it. (Reforestation)

Lot 22

Granted to Allan McLean, Richard Proudfoot
1851 census William Murray, age 27, with wife Agnes age 21.
1867 Wm. Murray, (borrowed books) also John & Thomas Begham
Rankin Murray 1867 resident
1906 Alexander McIntyre m. Jane Carruthers
1. Andrew (farmer) m. Elizabeth
2. Robert thresher m. 1. Annie McPherson
Went to Whitewood SK 2. Ellen McPherson
3. Jessie m. Thomas Wannop Beverley
4. James (Whitewood) m. Elizabeth
5. Sarah m. Robert Findlay Windsor
6. Annie bachelor
7. Hugh bachelor on farm 1885
Annie and Hugh succeeded to the farm.
1950 Allan Stewart

Lot 23

Granted to James Creighton The Miller, Duncan McDonald 1799-1859 purchased it from Crown. .
In the 1851 census Duncan McDonald from Scotland age 52, with wife Anne age 52, and family John 29, James age 28, Hugh age 27, Angus age 23, Jane age 21,Danial age 19, Jessie age 17, William age 15, John age 14, Duncan age13, Anne age 10, Peter age 8, Alexander age 6

Wm. McAllister and his wife Janet McDonald returned from St. Helens in 1888 to care for her brother John and their mother. They continued on the farm.
Detail on McAllister Family:
1. Janet (Jessie) 1869-1950 m. Jack Hollinger; lived Niagara, Franklin, Viola m. Alf Warder lived Warsaw NY
2. Duncan 1870-1951 m Kate Martin moved to Crieff
3. Annie 1875 m. Albert Howatt lived Niagara Falls NY
4. Elizabeth 1876-1956 m 1902 Duncan McDonald

1871 John & Peter McDonald; 1885 J. McDonald
1950 Mike Hanko 1950 and before. Mike Hanko owned the property; Mike
d 1971, in his 86th year. Husband of Mary Hanko. Father of Anne (Mrs. J Carries) of Florida, Tony of Stoney Creek, Stanley and Ben, both of Hamilton, Murray of RR 2, Puslinch, Edward of Burlington, Mary (Mrs. R Newton) of Trinidad, British West Indies, Idena (Mrs. J Saunders) and Donna (Mrs, C Allan), both of Toronto. Later Bachigaloupo family lived there

Lot 24

Granted to Allan McLean, William Proudfoot
Hugh McPherson squatted on it, then went to RG L22
Angus (Elder) McPherson 1788-1878 came 1844 m. Catherine Marae.
In the 1851 census, Angus McPherson, known as Angus Elder age 62 from Scotland with wife Catherine, age 51 and family, Donald age 28, James age 21, Isabella 19, Anne in Galt age17, Kenneth age15, May age 13, Elizabeth age 11, John age 7.

1867 resident Angus McPherson & John; James E. managed the property and later moved to F1 L22.
Descendants of Angus (Elder McPherson)
I. Donald 1824-1892 m Jessie MacEdward
1. Jennie 1859-1931
2 James P 1861-1937
3. Margaret 1863-1928 m George Holmes
4. Kenneth1865-1951 Toronto
5 George L 1868-1920 m. Catherine Cockburn; lived by 401 overpass on 7th
1. Jessie 1898-1987 m1. Russell McCaig 1898-1947 m2 Russell Peart1887-1969
2. Marion 1900-1983 m. Wes Winer
1. Mildred m. Robert Culp m2 Slaun White
2 Stanley m Gerry Daly
3. Roy m Evelyn Gilmour
4. Helen m. Allan Stewart
5. Jack Shirley Ann Mitchell Owen Sound
6. Clare m Barbara Ann Cummins
6 Catherine 1870-1953 m Neil Stewart
7. John A. 1873-1968 m Eliza Murray Puslinch
1Murray 1909-1987
2Jean 1910-2000 m Lorne Baer
2 Black James E m. Ann McDonald moved to F1 L22
3 Marjorie m. James McDonald
1. Duncan m. Elizabeth McAllister
2. Angus
3. Kenneth m. Annie Ingram
4. Donald (Danny) m. Kate Hollinger
5. Mrs. Angus a. McPherson
4 Isabella m. Lewis McDonald
1885 John McPherson
By 1906 Duncan McDonald 1896-1941 M. Elizabeth McAllister
were there Their children were
1. Angus 1904-1976
2. Howitt 1913-
3. Janetta m Bob Hunter d. 1982
4. Wilhelmina. 1917-2001
Alan Connell and Wilhemina McDonald succeeded to the farm, and their sons Keith and Arnold were born there. They retired to Cambridge and sold to Mason.

Lot 25

Granted to Wm Proudfoot
The first settler was John Sommerville.
1871 John Campbell; John McCallum; John McDonald
1877 C.J. Passmore was there, and borrowed books 1867.
John McRobbie c 1844 who bought the farm in 1874. m. Jane Boyne b c 1850
1 Mary Jane c 1870 m. John Tennant
2. Caroline c 1880 m Robert Sim
3. Maggie c 1873 bachelor
4. Rev. Andrew 1874-1933, of Kingston and later Michigan
5. Robert m. Mary McMillan
Sunday school picnics later were held in the woods north of the RR
Robert MacRobbie m. Mary MacMillan of RG L13.
1. Beatrice m. Stan Mast
2. Andrew m. Barbara
3. Archibald m. Emily McDonald
4. Douglas m. Gwen McConnell
5. Richard
MacRobbie sold to Sam Nixon
1. Dorothy
2. Evelyn

Frank and Joan Pierce in 1980s, 90's

Lot 26

Granted to Lieut Milne
1867-85ish George and Wm Ritchie (stone masons) Margaret Stewart Newitt wrote in 1940 that George's son William lived in Vancouver and was interested in coming to Crieff Church Centennial. From the 1881 census we have William Ritchie c1821 Scotland as head of the household, with Wife Mary c1827. Then there is George, presumably their son c1847, and his wife Jessie c 1839, and their children William c1867, John c1869, James c 1871, Thomas c1873, Jessie c1875, Jane c1877, Duncan c1877, and Robert c1880.
1871 Donald McDonald
Other residents on this property were Mrs. Poorie, Archibald McGroary
By 1906 John Patterson the blacksmith from Crieff was on the west half. Henry Patchet was on the E. half.

Lot 27

Granted to Lieut Milne
Black John McPherson first owned it.1867 resident John McPherson & Hugh McPherson; Henry Reid may have been on it in 1879. 1906 Duncan McPherson had part of it. Then Henry Podgett. Later Jack Hood lived there.

Lot 28

In 1851 census, John Cameron from Scotland age 27, with wife Elizabeth, age 24, and children Anne age 5, Mary age 4, and Roderick, age 2 and John McGinnis servant, age 18.
Kenneth Cameron received the first papers for the lot. He was resident 1867-79. His sisters married Alex McLean, John Munro at Crieff, McNab, Shepherd McKenzie. By 1885 Jack Cameron m. Mary McPherson. It was sold to Lime Kiln. Mr. Gamble owned it. Dave Priest lived there. Ed Templeman rented it: Children: Helen, Marion, Edward, Ross Lorne, Mary and Jean. RR crossed between Gore and House. In 20's the log house was still there behind the quarried stone house. Emerald Lake is the abandoned Christie lime kiln, which operated in the 1880's until 1928, now filled with water in the rock to a depth of 25 feet.

Lot 29

Granted to James Durand
1867 resident: Duncan Cameron
1877- 1879 Thomas Cooper
1885 James and Joseph Mills and D. Galloway
David Christie lime kiln important industry 1890-1926
E. Gordier
Thomas Priest. Dave Priest Children Tom, Jim, Marian, Ross and others

Lot 30

Granted to Philip de Graphi
1871 John & George Munch
Robert McConnell
John Harbottle 1875 Robert Harbottle 1877-80
1906 Robert Sim m Catherine McCormick. The last couple married by Rev. Maclean. Later Robert Sim m Carolyn MacRobbie
According to Ross Priest's School Essay, McKenzies had the land first.
"McConnell - Charlie was the fourth oldest of 10 children; his wife was Laura and they had three girls and 2 boys. One daughter is dead. He remembered the quarry when they took 10 carloads of crushed stone out every day.

Lot 31

Crown to Philip De Grassi Nov. 8 1833, 1950 owned by McConnell 1877-85 Henry Munch Peter Munch b. 1816 and wife Mary Koch came between 1862 and 1871 and settled here. Son William continued on, married Margaret Leich; he sold 1903 and retired to Morriston. John continued He married Catherine Bauman, daughter of Jacob in 1874.

Lot 32

John Hay (1819-1861) was one of several children of William Hay b 1786 who settled on F9 L33 In 1851, he was from Scotland, age 33, with wife Marjorie nee Cameron (1829-1919). Their children were Margaret c 1851, James b 18553, and John 1859-1935. John Hay’s father William from Scotland, age 66 was with them in 1851. After John died in 1861 Marjorie and the children moved to Beverley Twp, in Wentworth.

Rev. Wm Meldrum acquired it, owned it 1885. His son George J. succeeded.

Lot 33

Granted to Capt Kenneth McLean
1877, 85 M. McNaughton: See RG L33

Lot 34

Granted to Capt Kenneth McLean; there is one of the nicest bathing pools in Ontario
1877 A. Libkuman
1885 John Walker

Lot 35

Crown to Wm Wade Leslie
July 30, 1833; 1867-85 resident Chas Mickle; He probably had timber rights on FG L33,34,35,36. In the 1851 census Charles Mickle, Lumber Merchant from England age 39 with wife Ellen age 25 and children William J age 7 Anne age 6, Louisa age 5, Charles age 3, Ellen age 1. There was also a servant, Elizabeth Fearnay age 17, a sawyer, James Crosby age 35, and labourer, Henry Farrow age 22.

John Philpot; 1906 Silas Philpot; 1950 owned by P.M. Patterson; 1950 FG L35 and ½ 36 J. Philpot.

Lot 36

Wm Proudfoot was granted this property
1877 J Philpot w half W Burns E half
1885 R. Maddaugh

Lot 37

Crown to Wm. Wade Leslie, July 30, 1833; In the 1851 census William Leslie age 35 with wife Jane age 22, children Louisa age 6, Leselia age 4, Adelaide age 4, Victoria age 2 , Henry age 2, William age 1, and John Leslie, labourer, age 21and Mary Irvin, servant.

1867 & 1871 Wm. Then Ironside on Front; . 1923 N pt McPherson; S pt. Leslie Greer;.
Front Gore: 1923 McCuen. Later Heffernans - James, Florence and Beatrice, brother and sisters.

Lot 38

Crown to Wm Wade Leslie July 30, 1833;
Robert Maddaugh
1875 Robert Maddaugh purchased lot 38. 1855 he purchased lot 39 and operated a dairy farm; m. Elizabeth Hampton dau Wm. late of Puslinch.. Issue Charles, Mrs. Those Agnew, Eliza and Ethel. 1950 owned by his son Charles Maddaugh m Margaret Fielding.

Lot 39

In the early period there was a tavern on this property, which later burned.
1877 J. Black operated the tavern
1885 J. Black
1867 resident John Dixon
In 1851 James Dickson from England age 32 with wife Mary age 28, and children. Lucy age 4, Anne age 2, Ellen age 1. There was also John Dickson, carpenter from England age 29, and his wife Hannah age 29 with their children Joseph Dickson age 9, Sarah age 5, Mary age 1 and
Ellen Leamont Orphan age 2 and Margaret Leamont Midwife from Scotland age 64 in a 1 Story, 2 Family Frame House with Carpenter Shop

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