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As part of our ongoing mandate to not only preserve our heritage and history but also to make it accessible to the public we have created this online research portal. Below you will find a wealth of information on the history of Puslinch categorized for easy search. Simply choose a topic below to begin your search.

Rural townships were divided into school sections when public education first began in the mid-nineteenth century. Each area soon became a community of its own and people in Puslinch would say, for example, “We’re from Badenoch.” Immediately other residents would know that they lived in southeast Puslinch. The school sections in the Township were numbered S.S. 1 to 12.

In 2015 the Puslinch Historical Society offered public viewings of their compilation, The Communities in Puslinch. This was presented over 3 evenings, with four of the twelve school districts offered each night.

There have been many requests to see this presentation by people who were unable to attend, so it was decided to post the document on our website. Since the files are mostly pictures – making them large files to download and view – the complete file has been divided into four parts.

Notes on the Gore of Puslinch

W.F. MacKenzie, writing in the Mercury in 1906-07, states that there was a period in the history of the Gore of Puslinch when there were only three families from the town line of Waterloo to the Brock Road, a distance of nine miles, who could not speak the language of Gaelic. Those families were McQuillan, Fordyce and Robert Elliott. He may have picked up that quote from one of the families he interviewed. Frequent reference to McKenzie is made in this article. The Gore of Puslinch was heavily forested with pine trees, the roots of which did not easily disintegrate. As a result the farms in the Gore were the last farms in the township to be settled. These lots were also surveyed separately from the remainder of the Township.

Gore Rear

Lot 1

From Crown to Wm. F. Mickle 1816; John Shaw was the next owner who willed it to his son David Shaw about 1878. 1867 Other children were Sarah, Marion and Walter, (from will).
1871-80 John Milroy c1829 and Margaret Bone c1834 lived on the farm; John Milroy was a half-brother to Rob Roy McGregor and Andrew McGregor
John Milroy family:
1 Peter c1860 went to Manitoba
2. Janet b. c. 1862-1925
3. David b.1866-1930
4. James b.1868
5. Mary b. 1870 m. W. Gordon (Man?)
6. Maggie b. 1872 m. Oliver Bryce ?
7. Isabella b. 1875 m. Adam Flatt? d. 1927
James, Isabella and Janet left 1918; they went to Mill Creek
Milroy children in school c 1878 at Killean: James, Peter and Janet.
1906 David Milroy and his wife Ellen Bryce 1868-1928, 2nd daughter of James Bryce He retired to Hespeler. Survived by 3 daughters, Mrs. W. Turnbull of Puslinch, Miss Eleanor, nurse in training at Galt Hospital and Miss Jessie at home. Also one son, William 1907-1989 at home. Two sisters, Mrs. Oliver Bryce of Clyde, and Mrs. W. Gordon of Kenville Man. One brother Peter Milroy of Durban Man. His wife was a sister of Oliver Bryce

When Archibald McKellar died in 1917 he was living on FG71 L1 . In his 62 year; born in Puslinch, and with the exception of two years spent in the west, had lived on the homestead all his life. Survived by his widow and two sons Angus, aged 11 years, and Gordon, 8 years; also two brothers, Alexander of Oakland Cal. and William of Galt and Duncan, last heard of in Cal. and two sisters, Mrs. D. Jardine Kerr St Galt and (Marian) Mrs. A. Wilkinson Puslinch. Bur Hespeler.
1950 H. McWilliams. By 1967 the lot was sub-divided.

Lot 2

Along with 3 and 4 were granted to James Clark for military service. He died in Hamilton about 1830 before he had claimed them, and it was 1847 before his oldest brother John was able to straighten the legalities. In the end he was given the lot 2, and west ½ of 3; brother Peter got the east half of 3 and 4. John Clark m. Elizabeth Greenlees. Both died in 1865 and are buried in Killean. Their children were Flora, Jane, Peter, John Robert, James, Mary, John, Alex, Samuel, William. James, Samuel and William emigrated with their parents but all but James went to Dakota or Minnesota early.
In the 1851 census he was from Scotland, age 69, with his wife Elizabeth nee Greenlees age 48, and family, James age 24, Samuel age17, William age 15
James (1827) succeeded to the property and, m. Elizabeth McAlister in 1857; James resident 1867. Their Family:
1. Elizabeth d. scarlet fever age 17
2. Mary 1860-1934 bachelor farmed Sidney MB after being a tailor in Guelph
3. Christina 1862-1949 m. Wilson Gardiner Rockwood
4. Jane (Jennie 1865 d. scarlet fever
5. Flora 1867 - 1949 m. Angus McPherson Crieff
6. John 1869 d. scarlet fever age 7
7. Peter 1871-1938 farmed Sidney MB
8. Margaret d. 1872 scarlet fever
9. Elizabeth 1876-1959 m. Arch. Menzies, Carberry MB
The four scarlet fever victims died within 3 weeks. James left Puslinch to visit his brothers in Minnesota and did not return. He had been precentor in Knox Church Galt. His wife and family moved to Guelph and their only son Peter went west on the train about 1885. Mrs. Clark's brothers had the mortgage on the farm so they took it over, and presumably sold it to David Milroy. David Milroy and Archibald Cochrane had lots 2,3,4, in 1906.
Later Fred Froesh bought it. He married Charlotte McMillan RG L13
Family: 1 Glen m. Yvonne Cutting Children Karen & Robert; Continued on farm.
2 Charlene m. Doughty
1950 Fred Froesh

Lot 3 and 4

W. Half see Lot 2E. Half see Lot 4;
This lot with 2 & 3 were granted as above. A younger brother, Peter Clark, age 60 in 1851 census, came out and squatted on the land before his oldest brother John was able to get legal title. Peggy (Fleming) McMillan lived with him, probably as common law wife age 54 in 1851. Her son John McMillan was 16 when he emigrated in 1846. Peter got title to 4 and east half of 3, in 1848. 1867 resident: Mrs. Clark also was there 1871. Children of Peter and Peggy were:
1. Mary c1834- m. Donald Cochrane
1. Margaret 1863-1870
2. Archibald m. went to school c 1878
3. daughter m. Leeds her son m. Millie Scott
4. Annie m. Erwin; their daughter was Mrs. Hatfield, with whom Margaret McGeachy lived in Galt.
5. Elizabeth went to school c 1878
2. Janet 1834-94 m. George Flatted and separated. Their children were raised by Cochrane:
1. Alex 1869
2. Peter 1872
3. Alex 1874
4. Margaret 1876
5. Janet 1879
6. Jessie m. Wm. Aberhardt Social Credit Premier of Alta. She met him when they both taught in Brantford. They had 2 daughters. She had the tombstone for Peter Clark erected in Killean Cemetery.
3 Peter c 1836
Janet Flatted inherited the property by 1875-6. She was a teacher also.
J. Currie had it in 1885
Archibald Cochrane had it by 1906
Probably Dan Cudney's family bought it 1912
1950 D. Cudney
Before the roads were opened up, a trail to Galt led through Clark's farm to avoid crossing or bridging Mill Creek. It was much used, and Clark's house became a half-way house, where pioneers rested and exchanged news. This along with strong natural gifts, caused the original Mrs. Clark to develop into a decidedly interesting character.

Lot 5

Deed to Hugh McColl who 1867 resident (son of Duncan?)
Old John McMillan writes in McPhatter that he lived on lots 5 & 6; son of Peggy (lot 4) he chopped wood, dug wells, married Kate Shiree. Possibly he lived on the unused road allowance.
In the 1851 census, John McMillan Labourer Scotland age 24 with wife Catherine Shiree age 19, and Kate’s brother, John Shiree, Carpenter from Waterloo, age 29. From the 1881 census, they may have had children Susannah 1867, John 1865, and Catherine 1869.
Archie Cochrane
Fred Bartels- in 1885, 1906 along with front half of front 1st
1950 Gus & Myrtle Whitter
Jack Milhoffer

Lot 6

Neil Currie, a native of Arran came in 1841. 1871 Henry Bicker was lot 6 f
1877, 85 Samuel Carrick; (perhaps a Carrick son m. a Thomson daughter
Archie and Willie McKellar, Angus' sons, farmed it. It had buildings.
1874 a teacherage house for teacher McPherson was built on the NE corner. It was sold after he left. In 1875-76 John Currie was on FG L6. 1906 John McCormick et al had rear 30 acres and Wm. Wellington had the remainder. Donald McIntosh family also lived there. Donald McIntosh m. Mary Wilkinson Their children were
1. John 1886-1970; Post Master Galt;
2. William 1893-1967;
3. Christina 1889-1943 bur. Killean
4. Mary m. Archibald McMillan
1906 William Scott
Col John McIntosh sold it in 1945 to Frank (Galt High School Teacher) and Grace Ferguson . Their children were Graham, Janet, Mary & Bill.

Lot 7

In 1832 Norman Ramsay took up this lot. When his brother Alex, their parents, and 3 daughters came in 1842 they stayed here. In the 1851 census, Archibald Ramsay age 82, with wife, Christina age 74, and sons Alexander age 40, and Norman age 38.

Alex then took up lot 7 front gore. Norman was found dead in the snow about 1852. The sisters, Jean, Barbara and Charlotte and husbands took legal action to gain the property and won. (1859 Alex Ramsay to James Hogg, husband of Barbara; a small house in orchard housed the parents. 1867 resident In 1877 Donald McLarty had it. He came to Puslinch 1836, age 4, with his parents, to lot 8. His mother was Helen Ramsay, sister of Alex, Archibald, Norman etc. Mrs. McLarty Sr. was also living on the property.
Mary McLarty was the owner in 1906.
Donald McLarty & Ellen’s son Donald McLarty c1832 m. Mary Coy c1839
1. Elizabeth c1862 m. Alexander McCormick F1 L 3-4
2. Dougald c 1864 in NY
3. Ellen c1866 m. George Laur
4. Nathan c1868bach Dakota
5. Mary c1870 bachelor
6. Donald c1872 Sask
7. John c1875 m. Sask
8. Norman c1876 bachelor Dakota
7, Mansfield c1878 m. Lottie McConnell Toronto
8. Alice m. Jacob Fach Kawanda MB
9. Christina m. Edward Walzer

Later Fred Froesh's parents; then Menary's. 1945 Gordon Bridgeman, market gardener, children Jerry, Thelma, Donelda, Gordon, Howard
1950 G. Bridgeman

Lot 8

Dugald McLarty b c 1796 pioneered it in 1844 after staying a few years in Galt. Also 1867 resident; in 1826 he had m. Ellen Ramsay b c 1804 in Killean Scotland. Their children were:
1.Donald 1832-1908 m. Mary Coy. He took over the farm; still there 1906
2. Christina c1834 -1875 m. James McMaster F1 L8
3. Ellen 1836-1916 m. Angus McLennan
1. Dougald m. Eliza Ducker
2. Sarah 1869-1972 bachelor
3. Christina Bachelor was in school in 1878
4. Ellen m. Joseph Gordon was in school in 1878
5. Archibald bachelor was in school in 1878
6. Angus bachelor d. age 58
Later Ball, Ferguson descendants held it; Galt Boy Scouts etc.
4. Mary b c 1837 m. 1 Walter McKellar F1 L 7
2.Dougald McLarty her cousin, son of Donald. Lived NY
1950 Mrs. Nellie McCormick
RG L9 MacKenzie says Neil Currie lived here.
John McIntyre of FG L6 m. Annabel Blacklock of Lewis and son Jim
1851-54 subscribed to church was there in 1871; 1867 resident Thomas McIntyre;
1875-80 Jim Blacklock, thresher m. Barbara Thomson.
Later they went to Dakota, where he became a politician;
1. Annie d.1956
2. Christie McIntyre (d. 1948) unmarried They lived in Ayr ON
3 Evan McIntyre was assessor in Ayr.
4. Mrs. Wm. Nicholl
1885 W. Scott
1906 Wm. Scott owned it. Later George Lazin was in the new house.
1950 G. Lazin

Lot 10

Archibald Blair c1784- Sep 1863 age 78; wife Mary McDougall, natives of Campbelltown, Argyll He had two sons John b c 1819 and Charles b c 1824 (his wife was Agnes McMurchy d 1891 age 65 from Kintyre; son Donald (d. 1884 age 27 and two infants), and three daughters, Mary, Mrs. Malcolm Currie. Barbara, Mrs. Angus McCormick and Christina, Mrs. Laughlan. McMillan b c 1826. His grandson is Rev. Arch. Blair of Campbellville.; (also Rev. John Currie because the two boys played together, went to theological college together).

By 1875 "Auld" Willie Scott of 10 Gore had it He m. Jane Thomson F1 L10
1. John m. Nellie McDonald
2. Wm. odd bachelor
3. Margaret m. Geo Taylor, her deceased aunt's husband
4. Jessie bachelor
5. Mary 1881-1958 m. Wm Gilchrist
1867 resident Thomas Dickson
1885 George Scott
1906 John Watt
1950 Alex Ramsay Estate

Lot 11

David Gibson, surveyor took it up; 1854 subscribed to church
1871 Patrick Mooney in a house; Armours, Gibson's daughter and son-in-law lived there 1877 and Mrs. Charlotte Paddock Fraser went to school with Armours.
1885 Armour
By 1906 Mrs. Donald Ferguson owned it
1950 Mrs. Nellie McCormick
By 1967 Forestry conservation except for 40 acres held by Miss Marion Laing.

Lot 12

Jackson Wilkinson m. Agnes McLean who came in 1844; later his son Donald until they moved to Minto. By 1851 property was in Donald Wilkinson's name; 1875 L. McMillan
Family of Jackson Wilkinson: Donald 1824, John, 1825, Duncan 1827, Mary, Mrs. Donald Smith (They went to Minto too.), Alex 1828 m. Flora Stewart, Jean was the sole survivor. until her death in 1947 Donald d. 1945
Jean lived with him on "Clyde Farm." Lot 25 Con 7 Minto. Donald Wilkinson, noted horse breeder passed away at the family home in 1945 in his eighties. He was a recognized authority on horses when Wellington Co Horse Breeders' Assoc. tendered a banquet in his honor. His specialty was Clydesdale and fancy drivers. The stallions raised by this family had a particularly high rating in both breeding and show circles. At the sale which followed horsemen from Windsor to Owen Sound gathered (more than 600.) Total proceeds were in excess of $3500.00. Old bells, whip, horse blankets went at high prices.
5. Jean m. Donald Smith
6. Mary
They took up 900 acres in Minto 1854, and left Puslinch 4-5 years later when it was cleared.
By 1875 Lauchlin McMillan had bought it.
1950 Mrs. A. McMillan

Lot 13

Crown to Archibald and John Cochrane
Pioneered by Angus McMillan c 1775- 1860 & Christina Downie d 1850.
Angus died 1862 aged 83 Killean, Ontario
Their family was :
1. Mary 1807 Barr Killean PR m. Martin
2. Kate 1808 Barr Robert Cochrane They lived conc 2 near lake for a time;
2. James 1809BarrBachelor d1884 Bur. Killean
3. Christian c1813-1889 m Alexander Dow c1843-1908 .
4. Lachlan 1816-1893 mChristina Blair
5. Betty 1819-1897 Wm. McCormick 1852
6. Donald1821
7. Flora1825 m. Cochrane; to Alcott NY
8. Charlotte1827-1921 m. Malcolm Gilchrist

In the 1851 census
Family still at home were James age 30, Lachlan age 28, Elizabeth age 26 (She would marry Wm McCormick the next year), Donald age 24, and Charlotte, age 20 who would marry Malcolm Gilchrist. 1867 resident Lachlan & James McMillan

Lauchlin m. Christina Blair; their eldest daughter Mary, Mrs. Neil McPhatter d. 1937 age 80.

Lachlan succeeded to the homestead and raised his family there. He was an elder of Knox Church Crieff. His wife died October 1868. Their family was
1.Maryb. 1856-1937 m. Neil McPhatter in 1885
2.Angus b. 1857-1867 killed on way home to school my a stone thrown by Willie Currie, a schoolmate.
3Christina 1860-1941 m. Duncan McLean (from Clyde area; farmed F1 L21
4. Archibald 1862-1922 m Augusta Paddock
Archibald and August continued on the farm with their family:
1. Mary 1894-1984 m. Robert McRobbie 1928
2. Grace -1986m. Richard Bond
3 Christina1900-1956 m. Walter Scott 1926
4. Angus1903-1979 m. Joy Gregor
5. Charlotte 1905-1996 m Fred Frosch
6. Richard 1907-1997 m. 1960 Dora Stevenson

5. Donald 1863-1946 m. Sarah Paddock Mar. 4, 1891
6. James b. 1868-1948

Richard, youngest son of Archibald continued farming; m Dora Stevenson. Sold c 1998

Lot 14

In the 1851 census, Gilbert Cochrane c 1783- 29 June 1870 age 88, a native of Kintyre settled in 1840. Wife Janet c 1786-27 May 1862 age 76 Sons Archibald, blacksmith, Peter and John, who became a captain on the lakes. Daughters, Mary c1821, Alice c 1829, and Margaret c 1837
James Scott, native of the historic and fertile vicinity of Dunkeld and Blairgowie, born in Blackeraig, Perthshire, came to Puslinch in 1857 with his son John, and daughter Mrs. Alex McKeller, now of Manitoba. He was a shepherd in Scotland. John Scott purchased from Edward Reeves, RG L14, now the homestead on which he and Mrs. Scott, a daughter of the late Matthew McPhatter, comfortably enjoyed the evening of their life, retired with their son, Matthew, and Mrs. Scott. Mr. Scott's career as a farmer has been marked by a degree of success which could only be attained by industry and shrewd intelligent methods of farming. When he retired the property consisted of 576 acres - F & R & rear 1st 14; f gore, front 1st and lot 13. The family consisted of four sons, Matthew, John, and Archibald who died in infancy and one daughter, Margaret, Mrs. Henry Fixter , on F1 L14.

Stones from this farm were `donated' to build Killean school.
The stone house was built 1877
1. Matthew 1868-1939 m.Jessie Riddick. They farmed Back Hespeler Hwy; Daughter Florence
2. Margaret c 1869 m. 1898 Henry Fixter
3. John m. Mary Riddick lived FG L13, 14 Gore

Margaret Scott and Henry Fixter succeeded to farm when Matthew moved:
1. Scott 1900-1984 m. Evelyn Awde
2. Pansy 1902 m. Wm Major
3. Grace 1905-1976 m. Wm Lindsay
4. Olive 1908-1995 m. Clarence Awde
Scott and Evelyn succeeded to the farm where their sons were raised, John m. Ruth Scott, and
Clarence m. Liz Muscot; They succeeded to farm.

Lot 15

Donald (Dan) Currie, 1803-1885 native of Argylshire emigrated in 1842 subscribed to church 1854. He and his wife were highly esteemed. He was a pious ardent Sunday School worker. Both were sought for their ministrations to the sick. Mrs. Donald Currie smoked a clay pipe. Also that boys of the community gathered there to go coon hunting (for pocket money.) 1867 resident Daniel Curry ;
Hugh and Willie stayed on the lot.
In the 1851 census, Donald Currie from Scotland age 49, with his wife Nancy age 39, and family, Mary age 19, John age 18, Hugh age 16 d 1921, Anne age 14, Miran age 10, Catherine c 1849, later Mrs. Frank Roos of Hespeler. Willie c 1855. School students 1878 were Catherine, Christina and Mary Currie, and a sister who married a Cudney.
Hugh & John owners in 1875.
A number of families were recorded by W.F. MacKenzie; They were driven from their native island, south Uist, to make room for sheep and deer, came here about 1848. Among them were the McVicars, McDonalds, McPhees, McLellans, McLeods and Morrison families. Although none of them settled here permanently except the Morrison family yet they were inseparably connected with the progress of this settlement for some years.
1950 Martin Paddock

Lot 16

Granted to Col Lamprey
Donald McTaggert c 1812-1861 purchased it; m. Betty McCormick b c 1816, sister Wm.McCormick RG L 19 with children, Euphemia 1846, Archibald 1848 m Janet Wilkinson, Barbara 1851 m Donald McMillan, Margaret 1859, Kate who m John McCormick lived Garafraxa.
1867 resident Mrs. McTaggert
1871 and 1875 Archibald McTaggert was owner.
Then his sister Barbara and Donald McMillan; lived there. Their family: Donald 1880-1931, Archibald 1883-1915, John 1885-1924, Kate 1888-1955 m Roy Herman, Bessie 1894-1976 m Tom McDonald, William 1892 m Sadie Letson and Malcolm 1893-1964 who was the last of line to live on the farm
Purchased by Olive and Earla Awde. John and Ruth Fixter lived in house; then Willie and Melanie Yserman and children lived there.
On the extreme NW corner of farm there was a house. In 1890's Amos Howard lived there. Later he lived in Poor House and visited during icy season with screws in soles of shoes. This annoyed owners of good floors. McTaggert log house was destroyed 1890 by fire. Amos Howard was at the fire and Henry Bond later pretended to read to him from paper that more could have been saved except for a little old Englishman who was in the way
1950 Awde

Lot 17

Granted to Col Lamprey; Malcolm McLarty with sons John, Dugald and Peter, and daughter Barbara settled this. It appears that Malcolm’s brothers John and Dougald also came.
In the 1851 census, John McLarty from Scotland age 34, with wife Euphemia nee McMaster age 25 and children Flora age 6, Catherine age 4, Anne age 2
1Flora (1844-1911) married Andrew Ord
2Catherine (1847) m/James Porter
3Anne (1849) m/John McLellan
4Archibald (1854 - 7/9/1926) m Margaret Ord Black (eldest son so makes sense he was listed on the property in 1877) They ended up coming with brother Malcolm to homestead in Cowlitz County, Washington, U.S.A.
5Malcolm (1855-1/18/1928) m Mary Pattie; their son Malcolm m Ethel Laughlin -dau Alice whose daughter is Carol Noble
6Mary (1857) m George Clowling
7John (1859) bachelor
8Euphemia m/William Hutchinson
9Amelia (1866) m William Hubert
10Charles (1869-1935) m Jennie Mather (tombstones found in Mountview, Cambridge Cemetery)
11Elizabeth (1870) m George Hutchinson (brother of William)

The John McLarty family moved to the US

Duncan McPherson, son of John on RG L28 m Elizabeth McIntyre; moved to Michigan 1884
Archibald McPhatter & Ellen Goodfellow; their daughter Jennie Irene m. George Paddock bur Killean. She had 2 sisters & 2 brothers. Died at her home in The Gore of Puslinch.
1877 Archibald McLarty m. Jane (Jennie) McCormick of lot 18. They separated.
1885 Neil McPhatter
1906 Thos. Paddock R1 L16 m. Annie Steele; built the last stone house built in the district in 1906. Barn built in 1907. Clarence told us the original house was in east field by lane; and that a barn was burned by lightening and rebuilt before the house was finished. “The storm which passed around Hespeler during the noon hour last Friday descended with great violence in Puslinch. The rain was heavy and the lightning terrifying. The barn of Those Paddock on the 1st concession of Puslinch was struck at 12:30 and the fire which followed completely destroyed it. The barn was a large one, and besides containing his complete hay crop of 22 tons, also housed 200 bushels of oats, a new binder and new shuffler all of which were burned. Seven young pigs also fell victims to the flames. The barn and contents are insured in the North Dumfries and South Waterloo Fire Insurance Co. but the amount does not nearly cover the loss.” Hespeler Herald August 2 1906
Robert McRobbie m. Mary McMillan lived there in the late 1930's
Clarence Awde m.1938 Olive Fixter and moved there. d. 1995.
Daughter Earla m. Jim Boyd 1994 occupants. Property sold September, 2002

Lot 18

Granted to James Durand
Angus McCormick son of John m. Barbara Blair. He 1885 defaulted on his mortgage and moved to FG L20 . William McCormick son of lot. 19 m. Eliza McCormick 1885 No issue. They sold to her nephew Archibald Fraser, m. Charlotte Paddock in 1910. Archie died in 1949. Charlotte's estate sold to David Paddock son of Fred
He m. Lorraine and they raised their sons there, Ron m. Helen have son b. 1984 and daughter. Doug m Christine Pearce, dau. Frank & Joan and Richard m. Debbie & continued on farm

Lot 19

Captain George Lamprey was granted the south half. Wm McCormick acquired the remainder of the farm from the Crown. William McCormick 1806-1901 came to it in 1841 His first wife Jean McKay had died in 1851, age 40. Family, Margaret b 1838, William b 1841, Donald b 1844, John b 1846, Barbara b 1848. William Sr. remarried Betty McMillan, and they had children Malcolm 1854, Mary 1856 and Angus 1859-1941
His son Angus McCormick took it over 1901 with wife Annie Gilchrist. Children, William A. 1899-1986 and Bessie 1901-1997. William A. m Margaret McPherson took it over in 1942. His daughter Anna Jackson took it over 1986.
The barn was built by Joseph Smith of Aberfoyle c. 1866. Their shanty was on the hill, near the present house, which was built at the same time. There was also a house by the road in the west field near the pine tree. We's sister, little Auntie lived in it about 1866.
1950 We A. McCormick

Lot 20

Granted to Capt Creighton
Donald Stewart 1808-1889, of near Loch Bannock Perth shire in 1839; son of Alexander, m. Catherine Cameron 1843, Scotland, then emigrated with rest of family: Hugh, Mrs. Duncan Cameron and Janet. Their family:
1. Elizabeth c 1842 age 9 in 1851, bachelor
2 Catherine c 1844 age 7 in 1851 m. John Smith
1. James Manitoba
2. Annie
3. Maggie
4. Elizabeth m. Russell Dickie Meaford SK
3 Duncan went to Michigan
4. Alexander c 1846 age 5 in 1851 bachelor, NWT
5 Dr. Dougal c 1848 age 3 in 1851 m. practised in Teeswater
1. Dr. Donald (his son Dr. Bruce succeeded to farm c 1995)
2. Evan
6 Allan 1851-1919 m. 1900 Jennie Paddock. He succeeded to farm, four years as County Commissioner; was warden in 1889
1. Donald A. (1903 -1991) farmed; m. Marne Nichol, nurse.
2. Grace m. Jim Starker
7 Donald 1854-1935 m. Eutheria Martin resident on 20 in 1867;lived lot 21

Donald A Stewart, who succeeded to the farm, severed several lots. 1. bungalow built, long time owners are Doug and Diane Heresy. 2. At the top of the hill in the west field a larger brick bungalow was built on a larger lot. Occupied by Morrisons, Bishops and Whiteside.
Also lots along sideboard: McNeill etc.
1992 Dr. Bruce Stewart owner of farm land & house.

Lot 21

Granted to Adam Graham
Dugald Clarty settled this lot according to MacKenzie. Probably Alexander Stewart (or his widow) lived here when they came to be near their family. There were two other log cabins.
William Gilchrist and his wife Janet McNab built the barn; was 1867 resident. He was the eldest son of John Gilchrist R1 L11. In 1851 William, from Scotland was age 36, with wife Janet McNab age 31 and children Alexander 1844, John age 6, Jessie age 3. He defaulted on the mortgage, and moved to Kepple. Several of his children were born here. Annie, Archibald, William 1860-1953, John, and Catherine 1856-1944.
1877 Mrs. Clark owned it. Perhaps Duncan Cameron lived here. Also F. King.
1906 Donald Stewart m. Eutheria Martin raised their family here. Donald built the house, which burned when Bruce and Emily were living there. 1950 Mac Stewart
1. Mary 1904-1974 m. Dave Beattie
2. MacGregor 1906-1964 bachelor succeeded to farm
3. Bruce 1913-1975 m. Emily came to farm after Mac Died. He was in war with Perth Regiment. He saw Cam in Holland just before VE day. Then he volunteered with the Royal Canadian Regiment.
4. Edna 1910-1966 m. George Paddock
5. Cameron 1920-1981 went to Northern Ontario after the war. In the war, he was craftsman Stewart, 4 yrs. with Mechanical Engineers. He was through the entire Italian campaign and later served in France till V-E Day.
Bruce's family, for whom he severed, and built homes
1. Beverley m. Wallace Seto
2. Larry m. Shiela
3. Donald m. Mary
4. John
5. Allan

Lot 22

AllanMcLean and William Proudfoot were grantees
Hugh (Cluny) McPherson took it up.
In the 1851 census, Hugh McPherson from Scotland age 39, with wife Flora Fraser age30, with children Angus age 10, Anne age 8, Mordock age 4, William age 4, Alexander age 2.
The family moved to Bruce Co.
The Watsons, his daughter and husband, also lived there.
Second owner John Adams borrowed books 1867-68. Although Hugh was still there till '70. Mulock lived in a shanty on the west side in the 60's. The family home, a log house, circ 1860 was dismantled and moved to Robinsons on the third concession in 1960's.
Angus McPherson, (1854-1930) son of James lot 23 bought it by 1885. Married Flora Clark . Their family: James A 1891-1963, Peter 1894-1970, Margaret 1899-1978 and Elizabeth 1902-1965.When Mrs. McPherson died in 1948 Norman Roszell bought it from the estate. Severed. Denotter may have built new house; Don Harris and family now have the lot where the house and barn were. Markles are on main part of farm. There is a third lot on the west side which is occupied.

Lot 23

Granted to James Creighton
JAMES MCPHERSON , Cobbler, was born November 08, 1816 in Bailininver Kingussie & Insh Inverness Scotland, and died July 25, 1902 in Puslinch Ontario. He married MARGARET MC DONALD February 10, 1848 in Puslinch Ontario, daughter of ALEXANDER MCDONALD and CATHERINE MCTAGGERT. She was born May 13, 1824 in Argyleshire Scotland, and died January 22, 1901 in Puslinch Ontario.

i.DONALD3 MCPHERSON, b. November 11, 1848; d. February 27, 1877, on Crieff Hill, hauling lumber for the stone house on homestead..
ii.ALEXANDER MCPHERSON, b. May 02, 1850, Puslinch Ontario; d. June 17, 1930, Guelph General Hospital; m. MARGARET WILKINSON, 1881; b. 1853; d. April 15, 1936.
Residence: Bet. 1881 - 1936, Kincardine area farm, later Galt; 1894 York Rd near Guelph farm 1919 retired to Guelph.
iii.ANNIE MCPHERSON, b. Abt. 1852; d. 1932; m. ROBERT CLARK.

Annie was the twin sister of Catherine. The Clark children were born in the east; the family then lived in the Berkley area, before
proceeding west to the Indian Head area of Saskatchewan where they farmed.
iv.CATHERINE MCPHERSON, b. Abt. 1852, Puslinch Ontario; d. January 30, 1933, Guelph. . Until 14 years ago she lived at Crieff. Kate & Liz lived on homestead with Ronald. After his death they moved to Guelph.
v.ANGUS MCPHERSON, b. August 08, 1854, Puslinch Ontario; d. March 15, 1931 See lot 22
vi.ARCHIBALD MCPHERSON, b. November 15, 1858, Puslinch Ontario; d. October 26, 1956, Marlette Michigan; m. PENELOPE MCLAREN, December 19, 1894; b. 1865, Puslinch Ontario; d. 1924, Near Marlette Michigan.
vii.ELIZABETH MCPHERSON, b. Abt. 1860; d. January 1936.
viii.ISABEL MCPHERSON, b. Puslinch Ontario Dec. 8 1861; d. May 21, 1938, Michigan; m. (1) THOMAS ELLIS, 1894; m. (2) THOMAS ELLIS, March 28, 1894, She moved to Michigan after her marriage..
ixRONALD MCPHERSON, b. Abt. 1864, Homestead, Puslinch; d. 1918, Homestead, Puslinch.
x.MARY MCPHERSON, b. April 19, 1864, Puslinch Ontario; d. October 20, 1946, At her residence, Puslinch Ontario; m. ARCHIBALD SCOTT, March 19, 1890, McPherson Homestead Pinehill Farm; d. July 09, 1947, Strokes at home.
clock, and good wishes from a large circle of friends were received.
Speeches were made by Rev. J.L. Burgess, Alex McPherson, Angus McPherson, Angus Smith, Wm. A. McCormick, Donald Stewart and Duncan McDonald. Guests were present from Detroit, Woodstock, Galt, Branchton. Aberfoyle, Hespeler and Crieff. Edgar Nicol, a grandson was present from Riverhurst, Saskatchewan.

James Cobbler McPherson 1816-1902, his wife Margaret McDonald 1824-1901 and their large family took up this property about 1838, after spending time around Stamford.

1867 resident; Stone house built in 1877. Youngest son Ronald succeeded to the property. He
did not marry. His unmarried sisters Elizabeth and Kate made their home with him. His nephew
James from lot 22 bought the property after 1919. He married Hattie Munro, and they raised
their family there: Florence, Alex, Angus, Leslie Jack, Mary, Margaret. Youngest son Jack
inherited. He married Margaret Goertzen and his mother and sister Mary stayed in part of the
house until their mother died. Jack's sons Peter and Rodney were born there, but Jack sold, and
left the community. c1975 Vic Parks. The barn was demolished.. Peter Rich and family came

Lot 24

Granted to Allan McLean, William Proudfoot
Duncan and Angus McDonald pioneered this lot. They were stone masons and Angus was
known as Clahair (Stone Mason). In the 1851 census, Duncan from Scotland was age 40, with
the housekeeper Christy McClain, also from Scotland age 50, his brother Angus age 42 and
William McDonald, age 16.

In this McDonald family there was John, the eldest, who settled the next lot east; Janet who
married James McDonald of the other family, Marjory m. Wm. Cameron, of W. Wawanosh, and
two other brothers who came to work on Dundurn Castle in 1836. They were the children of
Duncan and Janet Stewart McDonald. Janet Stewart McDonald d. 1847, the year Angus and
Duncan came to Puslinch. Duncan later (between 1881 and 1885 married Ann McDonald who
had a 7-year old son, Francis. Ann was sister to Mrs. Hollinger. Beautiful clothes came from
Scotland for Francis. When Donald died not too long after, he left the property to his widow
who gave it to Francie, to the disgust of the McDonald family. Francie was born in Scotland He
d. April 12, 1943, in his 85th year He never married. He left the property to his hired man, Angus
Smith and housekeeper, Ida Stewart. 1950 Angus Smith After Ida's death Angus sold and
returned to his native Scotland where he married Margaret.
Bill and Teen McNichol bought the property, refurbished the house and grounds. Sold in

Lot 25

Granted to William Proudfoot
John MacDonald, brother to Angus and Duncan on lot 24, settled in 1835.
In 1851 census, John McDonald, from Scotland age 49, with housekeeper Isabella McLashan
age 52, and his son James age 13.

John McDonald had been married in Scotland and he brought his son James (Jimmie Tagey)
who married Marjorie McPherson, daughter of Angus Elder. They succeeded to the farm,(1867
resident & John) although they seemed to move to Esquising at one point. They also kept store
at Crieff and also the P.O in the 1880's. 1885 Mrs. J. McDonald. Their children were:
1. Angus
2. Duncan born at Speyside m. Elizabeth McAllister
3.Kenneth m. Annie Ingram
4 Bella m. Angus McPherson
5. Donald (Dan) m. Kate Hollinger He d. 1963. They succeeded to the property. Family:
1. John d. 1973
2. Edith d.1995 m. Jack Porteous l. 20 First; lived Chippawa
3. Jim d. 1996
4. Philip d. 1991 m. Marg Borthwick lived Freelton
5. Donelda d. 1995 m. Jim McMillan Puslinch
6. Edward m. Betty McLean dau. Peter C. of Badenoch
Their son Hugh built a new home for his bride, Janice and they are raising their children there.
1950 Dan MacDonald
c1960 E.S. (Scottie) MacDonald

Lot 26

Granted to Lieut Milne
Black John McPherson first held it
1842 sold to Murdock Munro b. 1800 Rosshire, settled this lot and was there until his death in
1882. (1867 resident; 1875 tanner) Property sold in 1892. He m. Mary McLean of Loch Broom,
who died 1891; and his brother Kenneth Munroe m. Janet McLean. They were blacksmiths.
They had a shop across the road from the Crieff store.
In the 1851 census, Murdoch Monroe from Scotland was 48, with wife Mary age 37, with her
parents, John McLean age 72, and Catherine age 63, and younger family members, Anne 23 yr
old daughter, Kenneth 21 yr old son, and. Janet 19 yr old daughter, in a 2-family log home.

Robert Scott came from the East River Road to this property by 1881. In the census that
year Robert with his wife Elizabeth Ballantyne and their children came to this property,
Also with them was James c1819 , a bachelor d 1891
Robert m. Elizabeth Ballantyne
1. Archibald c1865 m. Mary McPherson
2. Margaret m.Sandy John McPherson daughter Sadie who m Gordon Scott, a Scott
relative of her mother.
3 Walter 1875
Children of Archibald and Mary Scott
1. Robert 1891-1928 m. Jessie McGee lived in Woodstock
2. Ronald 1893- 1941 m. farmed Tagaski Sask. He went west because he suffered from asthma.
3. James 1895-1972 m. Grace McAllister across the road
4. Elizabeth (Lee) 1897 m. Wilburt Nicholl lived Saskatchewan
5. Walter 1899-1963 m. Tena MacMillan He was Fire Chief in Galt
6 & 7 Twins b 1901Margaret d. 1996 and Andrew died 1984
The farm was sold after Andrew's death. Margaret moved to Morriston Retirement Home.
1950 Andrew Scott
1984 R. Smith

Lot 27 West Part

Granted to Lieut Milne
West Half Duncan McPherson "Corniel" (1821-1905). built the house on the hill
In the 1851 census Duncan McPherson, son of Donald Dhu was 30 with his first wife Ann nee
McPherson age 20, with daughter Anne age 2, and his father, Donald McPherson from Scotland,
age 72.

Later William McIntosh who m. Reid lived there. The family moved to Toronto in 1913. There
was a dance in 1913 for their daughter Clara McIntosh when they moved to Toronto. Allan
Stewart said he had been there at a dance 59 years before (1864).
c 1923 Russell Kerns with wife Elizabeth McPherson and young family. C1960 their son Alf &
wife Lorna Kerns lived there. Next owners were Rasmusons.

Lot 27 Centre Part

Pioneered by Donald Dhu McPherson.
DONALD MCPHERSON was born abt. 1779 in Badenoch Inverness Shire Scotland, and died Bet. 1866 - 1868 in
Puslinch Ontario. He married ANN MCPHERSON. She was born abt. 1785 in Badenoch Inverness Shire Scotland, and
died bet. 1830 - 1840 in Scotland.
i.CATHERINE2 MCPHERSON, b. November 1803; d. 1895.
ii.CLUNY HUGH MCPHERSON, b. 1810; d. December 12, 1889.
iii.BLACK JOHN JOHN MCPHERSON, b. November 28, 1812, Inver of Noid; d. March 01, 1901, Lot 27 Conc 1 Puslinch.
v.JAMES MCPHERSON, b. November 08, 1816, Bailininver Kingussie & Insh Inverness Scotland; d. July 25, 1902, Puslinch Ontario.
vi.DUNCAN CORNIEL MCPHERSON, b. October 10, 1820, Bailininver Kingissie Insh; d. 1905, at the home of his son-in-law, John McLaren, lot 7 , concession 3, Puslinch..
vii.ALEXANDER MCPHERSON, b. 1822; d. 1889.
.viii.ELIZABETH MCPHERSON, b. 1829; d. March 16, 1876.
His son John McPherson continued on the farm..
In the 1851 census John, from Scotland age 39, with wife Sarah nee McPherson, age 22.
John’s brother Alexander, age 27, and John and Sarah’s children Alexander age 3,
Duncan age 1.
James J. son of Alex on l. 28 m. Catherine McIntosh. Their daughter Jean m. Stan Williams.

Alfred Reid and Lillian Kerns bought it. Russell Kerns and Elizabeth McPherson
continued c1980 Bob and Pat Fowle bought it Sold c 1999

Lot 28

This lot was granted to Capt Ellis. It was the last lot taken up due to the heavy lumber on it.
1867owned by Donald McPherson. He bought it for his son Alexander. First settled c 1852. In
the 60's and 70's there was a sawmill near the road. Trees were purchased for $1. each. Walter
Passmore lumber merchant operated saw mill, 1867; Alexander McPherson 1822-1889 and
Jane, nee McPherson 1833-1912 raised their family there. Son Angus McPherson 1864-1947 m.
Bella McDonald lived there. Daughters Marjorie, and Annie were born there. Perhaps Emma,
Alex, Elizabeth, Hugh and John were born on Elora Road after they moved.. James added the
east 1/3 of lot 27. Jim McDonald and Donelda Gregor bought it c 1938.. Sons Douglas and Paul.
Doug and wife Gladys nee Haugh moved back with their family to live there..

Lot 29

Juniper Hill Farm
In 1848 owned by James Durand, and sold to We McKenzie. In 1849 it was sold to Walter
Cowan Sr. In 1851 census, Walter Cowan from Scotland age 35, with wife Margaret, age 30, and
son Walter, age 9.
In 1886 the deed was transferred to son Walter Scott Cowan. Walter Cowan Sr. had built stone
house. Mr. Kennedy was the mason. There was a spring fed creek in rear. Orchard east of barn.
Well behind house 187 ' deep.
Walter Cowan Jr. m. Annie McPherson of l.8 RG
1. Margaret 1870-1961 m. Hugh McAninch
2. Alex 1881-1963 m. Margaret Naismith
3. Jean 1883-1945 m. John Sawyer of l. 19 FF
4. Wm. 1887 d. infancy
5. Mary 1888 m. James Blake of l. 19 FG
6. James 1885-1948 m. Clara Naismith
7. Thomas 1890-1970 m. Elsie Schell
8. Walter 1892-1950 m. Hetty Holden Vancouver
1916 Angus McDonnell, who had been in gold fields, then in real estate in Vancouver where he
lost heavily. He met Cowans from Crieff and he traded his house in Vancouver for the Cowan
farm at Crieff! Mrs. McDonnell was Helena Fraser from Glengarry (Greenvale, near
Alexandria) The McDonnell kids ran up the back stairs and down the front stairs. There was
glass in the doors between two rooms and the brothers would tease their sister to distraction. On
one occasion she threw a whisk at one of them and it broke a pane in the glass. She got sent to
bed, and her brothers got off Scott free! Her brothers would steal apples from the orchard behind
Mackay's house (and Geordie would chase them).
Macdonnell Family included Fairbanks, Fraser, Idea who taught at #12; m Donald Barbels,
Stewart lived in Guelph, Clover - born in Puslinch; lived in Stratford. Golden - born in Puslinch;
lived in Brantford
The McDonnells left in the late thirties; Jochimach who rented the farm to the Maltby family in
the early forties and sold to Pettigrew in 1946

Robert Pettigrew & Dorothy with their daughter Margaret and her husband John Griesbach came
c1946 also brother Bob Pettigrew. Griesbach children, Judy, Joan, Jayne, and John. John and
Marg Griesbach continued until 2000 and sold

Lot 30

Granted to Philip de Graphi
The first settler was Roderick Cameron who sold to John Henderson. I expect this would be the
son of Castle John Cameron and his wife Anabel McLennan from Ullapool who came to
Puslinch near Crieff in 1841. Their daughter was Mrs. Alexander McLean of Badenoch. Kenneth
Cameron on FG L28 was a brother, so maybe they were with him.

In the 1851 census, Roderick Cameron from Scotland age 32, with wife Mary age 23, and
children Barbara age 11, John age 3 and William McKenzie Labourer age 11.
Next occupants were Matthew McMillan and wife. Mary McGeachy Matthew’s siblings
included Mary McMillan who married Alexander Bannatyne 1825-1900 and was mother to
Elizabeth, (Lizzie) m. Tief who d. 1926
Children of Mathew and Mary McGeachy were Mary m. Martin who had a daughter Mary. A
second daughter m George Jamieson & lived Port Elgin. Their son John McMillan Jamieson of
Fergus m Mary Jeffrey. Their daughter Mary Moffat Jamieson m We Orville Ribey of Bruce
Twp Another . Two more children were Sibby m Adam Thomson Branchton and Framer John,
whose father died before he was born.
When Matthew died, his widow’s brother, John McGeachy and wife, Mary McMillan, sister to
Matthew purchased the farm from Henderson. John McGeachy a native of Kintyre, who
although not among the earliest pioneers, was long a highly esteemed and successful farmer in
this locality. 1885 resident family:

John McGeachy m. Mary McMillan There 1885
1. 1859 Kate m. Donald McCormick F1 L19
2. 1860 Mary m. Andrew Scott Badenoch George 1897-1987 We, John, Edward, Donald, James, Archibald, Dr. Hugh
3. 1864 John m. Decker Margaret & Jim FG L20
1868 Edward m Walker father of Lloyd, Marie and Russell
5. Jessie m. 1 John Simpson (John Edward, whose son John m. Ida May McPherson) m. 2. Walter Elliott : Mac and Jessie
6. 1870 Elizabeth m. Jim Nelson FG L18 Clara, Ralph and Cecil
7. Margaret m. David McNaughton Son Stirton
8. Archie bachelor
9. Agnes m Roderick Munroe Catherine m. Alex Priest
10 Donald of FR L18

Lot 31

Donald Murchison and Anabelle McLennan natives of Lochbroom settled early on RG L31; In
the 1851 census, Donald Murchison from Scotland age 38, with wife Anabel age 30
and children, Donald age 8, Mary age 5, Alexander age 3, and Annabel’s brother, John
McLennan age 16. In total there were 4 sons, Donald, Alex 1849, John 1852 and Roderick 1861 and 2 daughters, Mary and Christian 1858.
1867 J. McGeachy
1871 John McGeachy
1879 Donald Murchison
A. Gittings
1923 A Jacob
Dave Cerate owner 1950

Lot 32

Crown to Allan McLean Feb. 19, 1839. In 1851 census, Roderick Murchison from Scotland age
45 was here with wife Isabella nee Hay age 35, and family Margaret, age 11, Mary age 9,
William age 7, Catherine age 3, age 1, and Angus McKenzie Tailor from Scotland age 26.

1867 residents; later owned by W H Shultz.
1871 R & W Murchison
1885 J. Schultz
1906 Wm. Schultz 1864-1930
1923 W.C. Schultz
1950 owned by Chester Schultz
Origin of Schultz
Christopher Schultz of Mecklenburg Germany d. 1882 age 82. He emigrated 1856 to Canada
with wife Sophia Cruse and family. His son Michael (mason) emigrated with wife and 2
children. They lived at Preston then, Morriston, lot 30. He sold it to his son who sold it to D.

Jacob Schultz and his son, born Germany d. 1899 age 63 lived McKenzie farm in Gore m.
Sophie Crews then lived lots 30, 31.
1. William b.1864 m. Fredericka Barth; he died age 66 in 1930. He was Councillor and Reeve
1. Chester m. Marguerite McMillan and raised their family, Marian, Gordon, Lloyd, Barbara, Mrs. Ken McKenna of Waterdown, Cecil of Aberfoyle, Gordon of Galt and Bernice, Mrs. David Wyse of Stayner.

In 1968 Chester sold the farm and retired to Morriston. He had been Puslinch Road
superintendent, 1945-1951.
2. Irene
3. George m. Marie McGeachy RN in 1930 Family, William, Shirley, Mrs. Rory McLaren, Dr. Edward

2. Jacob Schultz Michigan
3. Mary Ann, Mrs. Frank Kistemacher Morriston
4. Mrs. Christian (Catherine b. March 1870-March 1970) Morlock.
Farm sold to Michael Simpson.

Lot 33

Crown to Allan McLean Feb. 19, 1839
Malcolm McNaughton m. Janet Stirton. 1867 resident Malcolm; He was son of Peter l.26 7th
Several young McNaughtons went west left in 1882 with the Stewarts from Crieff.

In the 1851 census, Malcolm McNaughton from Scotland, age 32, his wife Janet age 22, with
children Daniel age 3, and Janet age 2 and labourer, from Germany, Jacob Stremble, age 18.

1. Daniel 1849 m. Jane Cowan 1856 Puslinch. In 1877 he bought his 2nd concession farm
1. Janet m. J.M. Gardner (Edmonton)
2. Margaret m. J.M. Murray
3. John of Fielding Sask.
4. William G.
2. Janet 1851 m. Chris McBeath Aug 18 1847
1. Maggie McBeath 1883-1901
2. James 1884-1888
3. Janet 1886
4. Mary 1890
5. Ada 1893
6. Norma 1900
3. James 1853 m. Mary McCormick of l9 RG lived Qu'Appelle; Edmonton.
1 Bessie m. Rev. Joseph Coulter in 1911

4. Peter 1855-1946 settled at Qu'Appelle SK m Frances Ellen Elliott, and had large family.
5. William 1859 went to SK m.
6. John 1862 of Morriston 1900 bought FC L31 & 32 m. Jane Reid
1. Mabel 1898-1956
2. Lyla m. Bert Keyes
3. Malcolm
4. Grace m Thos Woodward. AB
5. Reid McNaughton
7 Jennie c 1865 m Angus Stewart of Crieff. Went to Qu'Appelle about 1880 where their family grew up
8 David 1866-1949 m. Margaret McGeachy bought RG L33 Their son Stirton continued on the farm until his death in 1979.
9. Mary Elizabeth 1874 m. J. Taylor
By 1906 David and Margaret McNaughton succeeded to farm.
Their son Stirton unmarried, succeeded to the farms and died c. 1979. The farm was then sold

Lot 34

Crown to Allan McLean Feb. 19, 1839 owned by Wallace Currie
Malcolm Currie c1800-1877 m. Mary Blair b c 1815 came in 1842 after 5 years in York.
1851 resident, with family:
1. Archibald 1838-1912 occupied the homestead on this lot
2. Rev. Neil b. 1840 Cape Breton, McLaughlin Alberta, Toronto
3. Mary, 1842-1933 bach. lived with Charles; was ill several yrs
4. Hector 1843-1923 of Aberdeen N. Dakota a ex teacher
5. Rev. Donald b 1845 preached Grey Co. sons John (Ohio), Blair (Mt. Forest), Wallace (Chatham)
6. Elizabeth 1848 d.
7. Rev. John 1850 (London) Belmont
8. Charles 1852-1935 l. 30, part 31 front 8 Morriston. Davina Gilchrist worked for them. He died c1936 age 83
1877 M. Currie
1906 W.Schultz

Lot 35

Crown to We Wade Leslie, July 30 1833,1877;
In the 1851 census, John McCallum, from Scotland age 45, with wife Catherine, age 37, and
children, John age 16, Elizabeth age 14, Daisy age12, Margaret age 10, Anne age 8, Janet age
6, Mary age 2.. Isabella age 1,
1885 J. McCallum
1906 C Martin owner
1923 W. Martin
1950 owned by P.M. Patterson.
3 lots severed on 1st, including Mrs. Laurene Patterson home

Lot 36

Crown to Andrew Sieber Oct. 11, 1836; He may have built the barn and stone house here.
Christian and Barbara Sieber born in Germany in 1795 were also resident in the area at one time.
A son George was born to them in 1824.
1867 resident John Bannatyne [Blacksmith]
Also on lot 36, in the 1851 census was Donald McIntosh the Tailor.
In the 1851 census, Donald McIntosh, tailor, from Scotland, age 45, with wife Isabella, age 32,
and children, Anne, age 11, Daniel age 9, Isabella age 2, and perhaps an apprentice, Donald
McDonald, age 18. By 1881 census Donald had daughter Aggie who was a tailoress.

Crown to Wm. Proudfoot, July 1, 1841
W Martin in 1867-1885. C. Martin 1906 he also had 35& 36
Wilhelm B. Martin (1855-1891) married Susana Pfluger in Germany. They immigrated in 1848
to Morriston and bought lot from Andrew Sieber in 1858. One of them built stone house before
1861. In 1879 the right of way was given to the Credit Valley Railway. Three members of
family married Beaver family members: Fritz married Magdalina Beaver; Karl (Charles) married
Lydia Beaver; Riki m. Nicholas Beaver Jr. & they went to Stephen Twp.; 1871 Charles Martin

This farm was bought by Peter Patterson (1868-1949) and wife, Elizabeth McLean in 1914, The
buildings faced on the highway, partially on the triangle of lot 37. Family: James; McLean
(Mac) d. 1981; Alexander; Margaret (Mrs. Ken Crow) and Mary, (Mrs. Fred McCartney). Mac
continued on the farm and married Laurene Jackson. Byron Farm machinery bought the portion
facing the highway from the estate.
1950 owned by P.M. Patterson. .

Lot 37

Crown to W Wade Leslie
1885 W. Leslie
1906 Henry Ironside front and rear;
1923 L. Greer
Irene & Gordon Fielding bought this farm in 1950. The Greer house was separated and there are
2 apartments. There is an old lane going down to the Gore Rd. Fieldings built their own home. .

Lot 38

In 1877, James Black had from the south to the railway on L38, and lot 39 from railway to north

Lot 39

In a 1830's description of inns, taverns, Adam Black had a tavern which later burned, and was
not replaced. In the 1851 census James Black from Scotland age 30, with wife Alison, age 29,
and children James M. age 10, Elizabeth age 8, Margaret age 5, Alison age 3, William age 2.

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