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Rural townships were divided into school sections when public education first began in the mid-nineteenth century. Each area soon became a community of its own and people in Puslinch would say, for example, “We’re from Badenoch.” Immediately other residents would know that they lived in southeast Puslinch. The school sections in the Township were numbered S.S. 1 to 12.

In 2015 the Puslinch Historical Society offered public viewings of their compilation, The Communities in Puslinch. This was presented over 3 evenings, with four of the twelve school districts offered each night.

There have been many requests to see this presentation by people who were unable to attend, so it was decided to post the document on our website. Since the files are mostly pictures – making them large files to download and view – the complete file has been divided into four parts.

Puslinch in Uniform

From the 1837 Rebellion through the Fenian Raids, the Crimean War and the Boer War, Puslinch men enlisted in Canada's army. They also fought in the two World Wars of the 20th century. Many gave their lives.

Those who served in the Boer War were:

Minchen, J
Wilkinson, John A

Those who served in World War One were:

Alcock, Thomas
Ames, Gordon
Ames, William
Arkell, Lewis
Atkinson, Albert
Ayres, Thomas, L
Ball, Harold
Beaver, David
Beaver, Norman
Beaver, William
Berry, Massey
Borthwick, Charles
Borthwick, Robert
Boufeldt, John
Brandon, A.W.
Calvert Alf (killed)
Chester, Ernest
Clark, Duncan
Clark, Ernest
Clark, James (killed)
Cockburn, Hugh
Cockburn, Moffat
Cowan, Thomas
Crowhurst, Alfred (killed)
Currie Alex (killed)
Currie, Herbert (killed)
Currie, Edward
Currie, Herbert
Cutting, Gordon
Cutting, Wellington
Dickson, Norman
Doyle, James
Doyle, Joseph
Doyle, T.H.
Eagle, Lee
Eagle, Leslie (killed)
Evans, Robert
Florence, James
Foley, Fred (killed)
Foster, Frank
Foster, Martin
Foster, Peter
Foster, Thomas
Foster, William
French, M.
Galbraith, Harley
Gibbs, Orman (killed)
Gordier, Milton
Gordon, George
Grahamslaw, William (killed)
Gray, Everett
Gregor, John
Grieve, Stewart
Harrison, Septimus (killed)
Heaney, Joseph
Heller, Adam (killed)
Heller, Harold
Herbert, A.E. (killed)
Herbert, Harold
Herbert, Thomas
Hume, D.T.
Hume, Edward
Hume, Herbert
Hume, James
Jeffery, Sterling
Lisso, Irving
Lund, David
Mahon, John F.
Mahon, Joseph A.
Mann, Charles L.
Mann, William
Marsh, T.W.
Marshall, Gladstone
Marshall, Newton
Martin, Alex (killed)
McAninch, Matthew
McCaig, James
McCaig, John
McConnell, Robert
McConnell, Thomas
McDonald, Thos.
McGill, Percy
McIntosh, John A.
McIntyre, James (killed)
McIntyre, Mark (killed)
McIntyre, Roy
McKay Will
McKay, Alex
McKay, George
McKay, John
McKay, Roy
McLean, Alex
McLean, Arch
McLean, Charles
McMillan , William
McNaughton, John
McNaughton, William
McNulty, Geneieve
McPherson, Gordon
McPherson, Peter
McPherson, Robert J.
McWilliams, Albert
McWilliams, Hugh
Mew, Stephen
Morris, Ed.
Morris, Willie (killed)
Munch, Louis (killed)
Munch, Nelson
Munroe, John
Munroe, John (killed)
Murdock, George G.
Palframann, W.
Palmer, William (killed)
Penrice, Walter (killed)
Revell, Marshall
Richardson, Harry
Robertson, William
Ruber, William
Schultz, Harry
Scott, Edward
Scott, James
Scott, Robert
Simpson, James
Simpson, Peter
Smith, Alex
Smith, Roy (killed)
Steffler, George
Steffler, William
Thatcher, Edgar
Thomas, George
Thomas, Norman J.
Tolton, Lorne
Warner, James
Watson, Hugh
Wilfong, Frank
Wilkinson, John
Wilkinson, Neil (killed)
Wilkinson, Royden
Winer, C.W.
Wood, W.H.
Worthington, Frank
Yeates, Frank

Those who served in World War Two were:

Aikens, Robert
Ainslie, George
Archibald, S.A.
Arndt, Clarence
Arpa, John
Badley, Harold
Baker, Lewis
Barnett, D.B.
Beaver, C.A.
Beaver, W.J.
Beckett, Frank
Beckett, John
Bell, R.E.
Benallick, A.J.
Bertallo, Geno
Bertallo, Orlando
Binks, Percy
Bishop, Jack
Bolton, F.F.
Boreham, W.
Bruce, Donald
Burgess, S.W.
Calder, W.C.
Carmichael, John
Carroll, E.V.
Carter, Wallace
Christian, Albert
Christian, Earl
Christian, Kenneth
Clair, William
Coles, H.
Conroy, Fancis
Culp, R.J.
Cunnington, George
Cunnington, Jack
Darnell, Harry
Darnell, Reg.
Davidson, Robert
Davis, R
Downes, Lorne
Durnin, Norman
Elliot, A. Murray
Ferguson, Donald
Ferguson, Ian
Fitton, Gordon A.
Fitton, Norman (killed)
Fitton, Victor G.
Florence, G.D.
Foster, William P.
Fox, F.B.
Frank, W. Arthur
Fraser, K.E.
Fraser, L.J.
Frasson, Angelo
Fularski James
Galbraith, Harley
Gilmour, Douglas
Goegan, Gino
Gray, E.
Gray, Reg.
Greer, C.
Greer, Claire
Gregor, Lewis J.
Haines, Clayton
Hanning, D.A.
Hannington, G.
Hayden, W.R. Jr.
Hewer, Joseph
Hilborn, Gordon
Hingleman, John
Huether, Clarence
Huether, W.J.L.
Huffman, Harry
Huffman, Jack
Huffmon, Chas.(killed)
Huffmon, G.W.
Huffmon, Harold
Hume, Roy L.
Hume, W. Harold
Jones, James
Kerr, E.A.
Laing, Gordon
Laing, John
Lamont, Donald
Leslie, C.P.
Lewis, George
Little, Peter
Loty, John
Male, Hart
Marketjohn, Gus
Mast, James
Mathies, Jack
McCarl, Gordon
McConnel, Frank
McCormick, Alex
McDonald John E.
McDonald Philip
McDonald, Angus
McDonald, Howitt
McDonald, James
McEachern, Gerald (killed)
McEachern, Winston
McFarlane, Lindsay
McGarr, Patrick J.W.(killed)
McIntosh, William
McIntyre, Arch. (killed)
McIntyre, James (killed)
McLaren, C.W.P.
McLaren, P.
McLean K.A.
McLean, J.D.
McLean, L.J.
McLean, Marjorie
McLean, Peter M.
McLean, W.A. (killed)
McNally, D.C.
McNaughton, R.
Merrell, Charles
Mew, S.
Miller, D.A.
Milroy, W.B.
Morrison, W.J.
Murray, A
Neil, J.N.
Patmore, Gordon
Pentelow, Gordon
Priest, David (killed)
Priest, Ross
Pylack, Arthur
Rushton, Albert
Scott, Archibald
Simpson W.J.
Simpson, D.J.
Skerritt, George E.
Skerritt, I.J.
Skerritt, L.A.
Sleeman, R.E.
Smith, Jack
Steffler, Rose
Stewart, Bruce
Stewart, D. Cameron
Stewart, David (killed)
Stewart, Joanne
Tabbert, William
Tatum, H.O.
Templeman, Ross
Thomas, Rev. H.R.
Tully, Jack
Turner, Richard H.
Vaughan, D.W.
Warren, H.J.
Watson, Lieut. M.H.
Weatherall, Fraser(killed)
Webb, Edgar G.
Weekes, Cecil
Westlake, Walter
Wetherill, F.J.
White, H.
Wilson, C.H.
Winer, R.D.
Woolsey, J.W.
Wyse, J.B.
Wyse, Leo

For a full study of the war efforts in Puslinch over the last century and a half, those interested will find Marjorie Clark's book, The Maple Leaf Forever: Our Township in the Military particularly enlightening. It is available in the Township Office.

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